"...Might I suggest 10 to 15 fewer scoops of coffee when you make the next pot.

Funny.  One minute, they're performing home DNA tests and lying to social workers (.....Well....Pretty much lyin'.)  The next minute, their burnin' you a breakfast in bed, and showerin' you with the coolest toys....horribly wrapped.  God love 'em. Both of 'em. The tall girl and that short little kid....J...Je...Janice....& Ned...I think.

Whatever their names, they've put alot of effort into makin' this an absolutely wonderful Father's Day mourn....uh, morn.  And accordin' to all the Parenting articles I never read, I'm suppose to reciprocate with a couple of hours of laughing and bonding and crap like that.  (Just hope it don't run over into the race.) 

So I'll be skippin' the swamitizin' again this week.....Don't blame me.  Blame the children.

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