Pop Quiz...
Pocono Raceway is located in which mountains?
a) Andes
b) Himalaya
c) Himakissya
d) Pocono

...Take your time.....It had me stumped too.

Pennsylvania was named after:
a) William Penn
b) Pennzoil
c) Jeff Spicoli
d) A lightbulb

......Correct answer is a)....Turns out, the Quaker state was named for the same guy that's in that Lone Ranger song; the "William Penn Overture.".....
Tell me somethin, I don't know.

The Pocono track is shaped like:
a) an oval with 4 flat corners.
b) a quad oval, with high banked turns.
c) a triangle...with two acute angles.
d) a square, with 4 ugly ones.

...c)  It's a triangle.  3 corners; each radically different from the others.  The 14 degree banking into turn one helps pad those speeds comin' off of that runway of a frontstretch.  Turn two is a quick little left hander and pretty much flat, at 8 degrees.  And turn three is a tight, slow, 6 degree skatin' rink....A chassis tunin' enigma, and a crew chief's nightmare. (But hey, so is Jimmy Spencer.)

Pennsylvania 6-5000 refers to:
a) Mrs. Glenn Miller's old phone number.
b) The number to New York's Hotel Pennsylvania.
c) It's the rent, with 6 hotels, in Monopoly
d) It's June Allyson's number.

......Okay, trust me on this.  It's not d).  And the guy who DOES answer isn't easily amused with Jimmy Stewart impressions either.

Pocono Raceway is owned by:
a) The International Speedway Corp.
b) Speedway Motorsports Inc.
c) an ant.

....c), A little family named Matiolli has been runnin' this joint forever, but offers have been pourin' in from both Mega Incorps.  They wanna Gordon Gekkocize it, trading off one of Pocono's race dates with another of their tracks.  Because God knows how much we need another pre-fab mile and half tri-oval.

The Long Pond straightaway is:

a) long
b) straight
c) short & gay
d) The longest in NASCAR

....Close, but the answer is a) and/or b).  As for d), it's actually the frontstretch here at Pocono that's the longest in NASCAR. 
Oh, and c)?....That's what I look like in the shirt my in-laws gave me last Christmas.

I'm gettin' ready to head to Dallas in a few minutes to drop my daughter off with those in-laws, so I've only time to make one quick prediction before hittin' my own long, straightaway.

Rusty's number two will be sharp enough to ace any Pencil-vanian pop quizzes out there today.  He'll pass 'em all like they were horsedrawn Mennonites....Damn, I hate that I'm gonna haft Amish it.  I just hope I can make it back in time to catch the end.

And I hope nobody sees me in this shirt.
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