Okay sports fans, racin' fans, and tryptophans....Who's up for some leftovers?

This season really shoulda been over last Sunday in Atlanta (as it should always be) with Jeff Gordon
leaving little more than a (Butter)bald carcass of the points championship.  But NASCAR has dug out the Tupperware and found a race that was postponed back in September, giving the rest of our drivers one
last chance to gobble up another spot or two in the standings.....And luckily, this race has been kept refrigerated.

Loudon, New Hamp sure is cold this time of year.  I still think they're crazy for tryin' to race up there this late in the season.  Even if it doesn't snow, sleet or turn into a zambonic crashfest, the drivers are still gonna have trouble with the grip.  Them Goodyears and cold temps don't mix.   And while the drivers will be warm enough in their Ford 'Toasters' and Chevy 'Monte Charcoals,'  just how many unparka-ed people do ya think are gonna wanna chatter teeth for 3 hours in the grandstands?....I'm guessin' 6.  The weather outlook for this race?  Partly cloudy, with temps somewhere between absolute zero and absolute 1.

But hey.  It's racin'.  And it's the only thing left in the fridge today.  Plus, Gordon is the only driver out there who's locked into his spot in points.  The rest of the Waldorf's seating arrangements have yet to be ironed out, and that can make things a little more interesting...So before this race actually heats up, I thought I'd do a little preheatin'.   I've no time this week to wax moronic about each driver (some of us still gotta work......and still others of us have to at least show up for work) but let's see what kinda magic spell I can cast out with this post-Thanksgiving leftover.  Grab the mayonnaise and a loaf of bread.  And don't worry bout the turkey:  that's what I'm here for. 

......Wait a second.....This is

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. - 11th
Jerry Nadeau - 21st
Jeff Gordon - 2nd
Sterling Marlin - 9th
Tony Stewart - 7th
Dale Jarrett - 4th
Mark Martin - 3rd
Casey Atwood - 14th
Ricky Rudd - 5th
Bobby Labonte -  8th
Rusty Wallace - 6th.
Ron Hornaday  - 32nd
Matt Kenseth - 19th
Michael Waltrip - 24th

Yessiree, Bobcat-tail.  Racin' AFTER Thanksgiving.  300 laps around a 1.058 mile track......317.4 miles......(?) Okay, what is THAT about?  Did someone simply measure wrong?  Is there a reason for that bit of lagniappe per lap?  Anyone know where the extra .058 comes from?

......Eh, maybe it's just leftover.
New Hampshire 300
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