"...for an El Camino,
and I wish for world peace,
and I wish for a short line at the Harry Potter matinee,
and I wish for good health,
and I wish...."

Just goin' over my list from last night.  Did ya'll happen to get in on any of them shootin' stars?  The Earth trekked its way through the Leonard Nimoy meteor shower last night.  So logically, I grabbed a thermos of coffee, pencil and paper, and headed for a lawn chair.  Whatta show.  I think I got everything in, including some raceday wishes.  It was a pretty late night and the notes are kinda scribbly, but let me see if I can find 'em....

"I wish for a million dollars,
and I wish I could fly,
and I wish coffee were healthy,
and I wish Atlanta would always be the last race,
and I wish..."

Atlanta....Oh boy!   It's the race we've been waitin' for.  Forget about that sled dog race next Friday in NH.  The championship will be decided here.  It all comes down to this.  Last race of the season.....Or so it oughta be.

Way back in 1526, Spain founded a little settlement in what is now the state of Georgia.  Within 6 months Senor Ted Turner had 'em wired for cable and watchin' NASCAR's champion get crowned here.  In those 400 years, they've repaved it, reshaped it, and flipped it like a mattress.   But still, (Riverside aside) Atlanta has hosted each year's last race.  Since the days of Oldsmobiles and Allisons.  Since the days of Ponce de Leon and Geoffrey de Bodine......Then France came along.
I wish NASCAR would rethink its decision to make Homestead the season ender from now on.
And I wish you could dry clean a dog,
and I wish for an end to hunger,
and I wish for a cable modem,
and I wish for safer pit roads.

That one I'm gettin'.  Just check out the Kevlar-coated storm troopers that change the tires this week.  Some crews have been (helmet) headed in that direction all along, but today you'll find quite a few more teams out there wearin' the hard hats when they jump the wall.  I wish them luck.
And I wish I had shorter shoelaces,
and I wish my houseplants would talk to OTHER people,
and I wish for a nice Thanksgiving,
and I wish for a better tastin' turkey this year,
and I wish I could take back what I said about last year's bird,
and I wish for the 2002 NASCAR diecast collection."

It's not like I can afford 'em anymore.  And with all the driver swappin' and number changin' and sponsor paintin' that they just announced this weekend, there's quite a few new cars to ante up for.  I'd have to mortgage the house just to collect 'em all.  Asunta's not let that happen....Not again.  I wish she'd start talking to me again.
And I wish for bacon,
and I wish for inner tranquility,
and I wish this bin Laden cat is found soon...or at least parts of him.
and I wish I could hit a knuckleball,
and I wish AJ Foyt would stop hittin-...."

Ah, here we are:

Mollie - I wish you didn't have to work today.  I wish you could go home early.  Like AJ & Hornaday did.  Look for someone else to be drivin' the Foyteen next year.  And look for Hornaday in one of the 13 local hospitals.

Lori, Andrea & Tony - I've tried.  For the last 4 races I've tried.  I just can't get the mojo to work.  I've been pickin' him, but Rusty ain't seen a top ten finish since Armageddon came out on DVD.  I wish the Meteor-man scores a meatier 8th today.

and I wish I had a DVD.

Jeff & Doc - Stewart's run well here, but has trouble actually makin' it to the checkered flag.  He's fallen out late in the last 3 races. I wish him good luck today.....And I wish my nose would stop growing.  3rd.

Ted & Granny - Ricky's wishin' he's had 4 or 5 of this season's races back.  If he could just have a mulligan at say, Martinsville, the Brick and Michigan, he could improve on those horrible finishes and possibly score enough points to finish-....an even closer 2nd.  7th today.  Cheer up Ricky.  You ain't seen this much air-time since your role in Stroker Ace.

Dave - I wish Sterling would learn how to sneak that Silver Bullet in a CNN town.  Last time a big Coor's hauler came to Atlanta, Sheriff Buford T. Justice was close behind.  Watch ol' Bandit run up to 11th.

Kathy - I wish DJ was drivin' the big brown truck today.....Well, at least he'll drive like he is. 16th

Paul & Deshanna - I wish I knew what Junior had under the hood in qualifyin'.  So does NASCAR.  A good 2 mph faster than anyone else on Friday.  A good 2 mph slower today.  10th.

Roy - Casey chalked up a career best 3rd at Homestead last week, and wishes his luck will hold up here at Atlanta.....I wish I had better news.  A 24th today, but Casey rolls a 7 in 2002. 

Pam - I really wish Kenseth wasn't so horrible this year.  I wish Kenseth would finish better than Casey today.  I wish Kenseth COULD finish better than Casey.  I wisconseth a 26th.

Paul & Kim - Viagrampa hasn't won here in a long time.  Not since they flip flopped the layout and added that quad-oval.  Now it's bigger and shaped funnier.....So's the track.  Marky Martin, a 4th.

Reagan - Bobby Labonte won here 4 times and wishes to repeat his 'checkered' past.  I'm wishin' he gets passed repeatedly before the checkers, (and lets Junior and Rusty keep their place in the points.)  9th.

Sue - The Nadeau-fending champion of this race wishes his Friday was as good as his Saturday.  A 4th in practice yesterday, but a 40th starting spot......I wish today was Friday.  13th.

Michael wishes the season was over 34 races ago.  I wish it 34 races and 1 lap ago.  19th.

Stacy & Carl - Can ya hear that?  Someone sayin', "
Me-me-me-me-me-me."  Could be Tony Stewart volunteering to talk to the press...?....Naw.  Could be the fat lady tunin' up....?...Possibly.  But I think it sounds more like Jeff Gordon thumbing through NASCAR's 2001 scrapbook.  "Me-me-me-me."
Gordo 'must be present to win.'   All exaggeratin' aside, Jeff literally needs to finish 32nd today, or finish no worse than 43rd (?) in these last two races, and he wins the championship.....I wish a 43rd.  He'll clinch with a 6th today....."
Me-me-me-me-me-me.".....I wish I had earplugs.
And I wish waffles were a vegetable,
and I wish that I hadn't gone back after that camera bag at Hartsfield,
and I wish Spongebob were afforded the opportunity to delve into drama,
and I wish for a 99 inch TV.

And I wish Stroker Ace was on DVD.

Best wishes,
And I Wish...
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