So, it's true...I heard it on Letterman last night.  We're actually gonna give 'em another chance.  Florida's hostin' the Super Bowl.......

Got your protest signs and felt-tip markers ready? 

Yeah, that Elian thing didn't quite work out the way they'd planned.  And my, what a
precendential election they put on.  (There's no tellin' what kinda razor-sharp laser-assisted chadless ballot system I'll be armed with next time we pick a pope.)  But hey, "forgive & forget," ya know.  Why shouldn't we let Tampa babysit this, our Golden Child of sports?  They'll take care of it.  This IS Florida.....And they dooooo love their football.  (OU know the Seminoles will be #1 again.....Sooner or later.)  Besides, unless my lawyer and I are wrong, under Florida state law, my Bengals may still have one last, legal challenge at playin' in this year's Super Bowl.

So just in case, let me throw out this quick prediction....Giants 46... Bengals 1.  (And hold off on that recount, Jeb.  Believe me.  If any team can score one point, it's the Bengals.)

I'm just glad it's the NFL that has to floor a deal with these folks.  I'd hate to think that the France family would wanna hold NASCAR's biggest race of the year in the Sunshine State. 

Vive la Dayto-.......nuh.

We're a month away, mon amis.  "Voulez vous to play some NASCAR, ce soir?".....Then ya better getcha-getcha yayas in order and respondez sil vous please.  I'm thinkin' 'bout shakin' the Chevy Monte Carlo Budweiser #8 Ball and tryin' to ouija my wayja through another....what are we up to now, 55...60 races this year?  Anyway, I got melodies.  I got maladies.  And I gotta lady with marmalade.  But I ain't gotta clue how many of ya'll might wanna endure this tripe for another season.   Deletable fodder that it is, I'd hate to think it was joined by as the only pieces of mail with the little "Unread" pointers beside them.  So rather than assumin' you'd want to renew, I'm offering this lepticular appearance of my subscribe/unsubscribe button.

(.........."lepticular"...Tell 'em, Jeff.)

Them's that DON'T wanna keep gettin' this weak-witted weekly, need do nothing.....(Hell, they probably won't read this far down anyway.)  Them's that DOES wanna keep gettin' it, need to fill out the following, Florida-approved questionnaire.

1.  Your name.
2.  Pick a driver.


You've got a month...
Jim Nelson
Invitation - 2001
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