This is it!  The night of nights!  No more reversing, or cursing my picks for this race though.  The past
week has been kinda looney at work, and I haven't seen my kids since...well, since back when I could remember their names.  So I've blown off the presage-itatin' for this race, in order to spend more time
with that girl & her little brother.  We've been playin' & swimmin' & watchin' movies all day.  And now
I'm hopin' they're in the mood for some Saturday cartoons.

The Looney Tunes invade Richmond on this night for fightin'.  And with a million dollars in No-Bullion up
for grabs, someone may need to keep an eye on that Daffy Duck car.  Under the lights, this 3/4 mile track really shows the sparks a flyin'.  And the tempers get as red as the rotors.  At last night's Busch race, some of the drivers seemed to be steering to the right around this track, smashin', bangin, and retaliatin' into each other.  Let's hope Bugs and the rest our animated friends behave themselves a little better.  And remember that at these little short tracks, your only supposed to take a Albuquerque.

On with the show, this is it!
Chevy Monte Carlo 400
Overture!  Curtain, Lights!...
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