Hello  Everybody!!! Here's the much awaited new site! As you all know, I can't do much with the site, as
          we host this site on a little webspace. But, just like you all wanted, the Wedding pictures are on! 
               Along with the Engagement & Home Coming pictures! And there's a whole lot of more new
                      pictures! Since the file sizes had to be kept down, the quality of the pictures may
                            not seem so good, so if you need a good picture, email me and I will email
                                   you the picture(s) you need. And guys, so sorry about taking all
                                          this time to finish this web site. I have lost some of your
                                                 email addresses and might not be able to send
                                                          you news about the site update. So,
                                                                 send me an email so I can
                                                                          email you back.

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