Wild wood, this amazing style of rustic furniture is also known as gipsy furniture, adirondack furniture, tramp art, bent willow furniture, folkart furniture, barnwood furniture, bentwood furniture, cowboy furniture, factory made furniture, forest furniture, log furniture, living furniture, western furniture, country furniture, ...

This is handcrafted furniture and is primarily made from materials provided by nature like branches, burls, canes, logs, peeld bark, roots, saplings, sticks, trunks, twigs and recycled barnwood.
Due to the unique nature of woods, no two pieces will be exactly alike.

I can usually make al kinds of furniture and furnishings, including chairs, arbors, artworks, baskets, beds, benches, picture frames, bookcases, canopys, chandeliers, coat trees, coffe tables, counter stools, desks, entertainement centers, kitchen islands, lamps, living chairs and structures, loveseats, mirrors frames, nightstands, plantstands, porch swings, seats, sewing boxes, signs, sofas, stands, tables, trellis, umbrela stands, wine racks and moore.

If you share my love of this type of natural, high quality and environmentally friendly furniture, please


Terasa cu mobilier willow bent, iarna / Willow bent furniture in the winter

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