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For those who came to this page directly, this page was not commissioned by the church as an official web page of the church but was built by us, a family in the church, to share with others what our church stands for and to be a witness and an encouragement unto all who come by. We have used the information from official church brochures and such. The items contained herein has been shown to the pastor and he aproves.
This is our church in Manistee, Michigan. This is a good Independent, Fundamental, Bible believing Baptist Church where the love of God is shared and manifested. The gospel is also shared here and in the surrounding community.
This is our pastor,
Dr. Alvin "AL" Knutson, his wife Lois.
985 Wall St.
Manistee, MI 49660
(Actually located in Eastlake)

Ph. (231)723-7352
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