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Nelson L. Mills III was born in Houston, Texas. He has always been surrounded by good music, be it Jazz, R & B, Rock, Blues, Gospel or Classical. Mills began his career playing trumpet
professionally at the age of 13. When he debuted with Tom Burton Quartet,at that time it was a popular Houston
based Jazz group, Mills experienced his first real
taste of playing the kind of music he had always loved. Mills  father, Nelson Mills II played Jazz with the Conrad Johnson Band and many other local Jazz groups here in the Houston area. He was hooked. But, later he had the opportunity to play with other local groups as back up for Albert Collins, Effie Dropbottom and toured in
Texas and Louisiana. In 1967-71 Mills joined the popular band, The TSU Toronados.  This band was the creator of the million seller, "Tighten Up" backing Archie Bell & The Drells The Toronado had their
own hits on Atlantic Records,"Getting The Corners" and "The Goose." They traveled and opened for many famous acts.The band played in
New York at the Apollo, the Hemisphere Arena in San Antonio with Vanilla Fudge but,there are so many venues they covered it would take all year to list! This band, The Toronados split and became South Funk Blvd., featuring Allison Lewis or "Leroy!" They toured as the backup band for Joe Tex & his Show and revue in many cities, shows, festivals,
clubs all over the United States. Later, they moved to Alabama and worked the South for many months.Mills went on his own after leaving South Funk Blvd. During this period
he was the Music Director for Trudy Lynn and her touring show. Mills, met and married Gloria Edwards and they
lived in the Midwest. During his tenure in the Kansas City area, Mills worked once again in Jazz with The Horace Washington Jazz group. One of
his accomplishment was in
forming a church group for Rev Nelson Thompson United Methodist Church, MLK. This band played Jazz before and after services. Featuring Norman Brown, Bobby Watson, Tim Baskin, Pam Baskin and his spouse Gloria Edwards.
Mills named the band, WSB  (Waverly Street Band).This band opened for many concerts and Festivals In the Midwest. WSB opened the Kool Jazz Festival 2 years in a row in the Midwest as the opening act.Mills played in the Eddie Baker Jazz Band beside such
greats as Ben Kenard, Bud Johnson and many other Kansas City Legends closing the
Midwest with fond memories and hope for the future.

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