This is facing northwest on the Blueridge Mountains. The blue is characteristic of the mountains but not always this ethereal, but when it does happen it is magic. Snow and cold weather are coming to us, ahead of me over the mountains into the valley is where I live in Staunton Virginia. Snow was just starting to stick to my face as I was photographing this scene.

Nelson County Computers is dedicated to providing good customer service with regards to web design and web based internet marketing strategies for businesses in Central Virginia. Some areas that Nelson County Computers covers are; Lynchburg, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Lexington, Harrisonburg, farmville, Richmond, Covington. Nelson County Computers also serves Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C..


Nelson County Computers is trained in the Implementation and Operation of Websites;setting up VPN's (virtual private networks),wireless networking and the setup of wireless routers and networks.


Nelson County Computers can develop Java and Visual Basic Programming applications for your website. Nelson County Computers certified A+ in micro-hardware. Nelson County Computers is CompTA certified in networking and Microsoft certified in operating systems.


Nelson County Computers is trained to spot spyware and set up security policies, firewalls and IPSec filters for heightened security.


Nelson County Computers strives to give good customer service and satisfaction at a fair price.


Nelson County Computers should be your first choice when it comes to skilled IT service in computer security, web development and design, web marketing strategies for your new or existing business. Nelson County Computers will work with you to ensure exactness to detail.


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