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Dou you want to change the pictures/ring tones to your Verizon T720c?
Use GaGin


Do you want to use Slick50/Restorer,etc. on your engine? Please read the following before do it I did the test(mistake) with my own car (Mazda Miata MX-5), I put some of it and I did notice some HP gain, after some time, the oil pressure dropped down after warmed the engine and those HPs left the stable. Now that I've read the article, I know what happened to my beautiful 16V DOHC aluminum engine, the oil filter is clogged and instead of getting more HP (initially I did), I lost more than I did gain. I changed to Synthetic oil (Mobil 1) only and the oil pressure is normal now and I got real horses now. I hope the wear due to that product don�t make me change my engine soon.

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Para todos aquellos amigos de habla hispana, que apenas comienzan en este pasatiempo, aqu� encontrar�n los conocimientos iniciales y trucos para que su comienzo no sea frustrante. Alguna informaci�n que encuentren aqu� podr� ser algo adelantada, pero les servir�, para que cuando encuentren de nuevo el tema, lo enfrenten con algo de preparaci�n.

Todas las p�ginas se encuentran en espa�ol, pero con algunas palabras en ingl�s, las cuales son m�s conocidas que su correspondiente en espa�ol.

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