We are but guests visiting this world,
though most do not know this.
Those who see the real situation,
no longer feel inclined to quarrel.
            - buddha
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Om mani peme hung

Om mani peme hung

Om mani peme hung
I  take refuge untill I am enlightened
In the Buddhas,the Dharma and the Sanga.
Through the positive potential that I create
By practicing generousity and other far reaching attitudes,
May I attain Buddhahood for the sake of all sentient beings.
(Three times)

May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May all sentinent beings be free from suffering af the causes of suffering.
May all sentinent beings never be separated from happiness that knows no suffering.
May all sentinent beings abide in equanimity, free from attachment and anger that hold some close and others distant.

The guru is the Buddha, the Guru is Dharma,
The Guru is Sangha also;
The Guru is the creator of all happiness:
In all Guru's I take refuge.
(Three times)

Reverently I prostrate with my body, speech and mind
And present clouds of every type of offering, actual amd mentally transformed.
I declare all my negative actions accumulated since beginingless time time
And rejoice in the merits of all holy and ordinary beings.
Please remain untill smasara ends
And turn the wheel of Dharma for sentinent beings.
I dedicate the merit created by myself and others to the great enlightenment.
The fundamental ground is covered with incense and strewn with flowers.
Adorned with Mount Meru, the four contintents, the sun and the moon.
I imagine this as Buddha-land and offer it.
May all living beings enjoy this pure realm.

The object of attachment,aversion and ignorance--friends,enemies and strangers,my body,wealth and enjoyments--
Without any sense of loss, I offer this collection.
Please accept it with pleasure
And bless me with freedom from the three poisons.

idam guru ratna kam nirya tayami
(I send forth this jewlled mandalla to you, precious guru)
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"Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings -- that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide."

- The Buddha

1. Body/physical

Learn better to breathe, exercise, eat right, manage stress and release tension, sleep sufficiently, and to act mindfully/consciously with full awareness and presence of mind.

Find a special place of calm, peace and tranquillity to go to, in your environment.
Simplify your schedule, obligations, relationships and commitments, and your life will become simpler and more calm. 

2. Speech/energetic

Learn better to deal with impulses, idle chatter and gossip, speed, and to speak mindfully and truthfully. 
Simplify your various forms of movement and expression, and your energy will become more balanced, peaceful and harmonious. 

3. Mind/psychological and emotional

Learn better to understand, love and accept yourself, your needs and desires.
Simplify your wants and needs, and your life will naturally become simpler.  The secret is that in order to simplify our lives and balance our energy, we must simplify and purify our hearts and minds. Meditation, yoga, prayer, breathing exercises, and healthy eating and lifestyle habits can take us a long way in the right direction.
The following speech was given by Holiness The Dalai lama in the Albert hall London in May 1999 the title of the speech was called: Ethics for a new millennium in his talk his holiness talks about the importance of peace.

THE SPEECH: what is peace? I feel peace is not a mere absence of violence, peace is something deeper than that, so real peace must come out of peace of mind, peace will come with the basis of compassion and caring, so judging form that the ultimate source of world peace lasting peace is compassion.
I hope each of us really believes of the importance of peace, then first create inner peace as I mentioned earlier on the basis of compassion or sense of caring for other, think about global issues or the welfare of humanity because we are also a part of humanity, so with some firm determination day by day, so in the early morning as soon as you get up think what is the purpose of life, happiness and my life is not made to create pains on others even limits to serve to help others to develop sense of concern and happiness to all sentient beings, then every day in the morning think with these points, day by day month by month yes you will find some change already there, so through out the day carry your work with this feeling which you develop in early morning, so the rest of the day the 16 hours or 20 hours keep that sort of mood, then each night before bedding think whether this is the few hours that we carry that sort of morning spirit or not, go like that even without any religious faith, you can be very useful and good person, and as a result you are becoming more happy more calm person, then that person were ever he or she goes some atmosphere of peace always there, so that brings your home more peaceful and through that way eventually every family may share some of these feelings, even facing some difficulties but without much sort of hatred, on the surface you may use a harsh word or a harsh attitude but deep down inside still calm more compassionate mind, I think this is very possible, this is the real action of peace.
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