The Mongolian presence in Australia can be traced  back to 68,000 years back to the original Mongo Man as he was called.
The Malaysians (also known  as the Indo-Mongolians) were the master ship builders.
They lived in Indonesia,Malaysia and Far North Queensland,Australia.
They were the true master  ship builders.
They built the huge ships originally.
Update: 27th Nov,2001
According to  south American history, a short man wearing a long hat arrived in South America  around about the same time that the Inca civilisation collapsed.
There is also something about about a short man wearing a long hat in China as well.
According to legend, he was always surrounded by long blonde haired men.
He dabbled in witchcraft and the occult.
According to the Spaniards when they set up their base in 1547 in New Guinea.
They did not to mention anything about the Indians, Mongolian and Malaysian presence in Australia.
Australia was NEVER  isolated for thousands of years, that's a load of crock, because the
black Hebrew/Arab Bedouins, and Arabs (from all over), Assyrian, India, Pakistan, Egyptian, Greece, and Rome.
The Aya's (Chinese & Japanese) they entered Indonesia and Australia through North/South Korea, and Turks entered Australia,Indonesia & Indochina.
Where they set-up a military Bases before entering farther into Indonesia and Australia.

The native language of Indonesia was Malayasian and later named Baha'sa Ma'lay (after the Bahu royal family around abt 1070 AD who married with the Vijaya's/ Jaya's/Aya's = Celaya's).
Also in 101 AD (1,900 years ago) the Chinese and (Tibetin) introduced Buddhism into Indonesia and far north Queensland,Australia.
700 years ago, Prince Vijaya came from SE India to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), he married a native from the Island, and made himself King. The Jaya's ruled, but after the name Bahu continues, until Sri Lanka became a electorial democratic Presidence in 1978.
The Mara People in Australia are also called the Demon People.

The Celaya's were Soldiers of Fortune/ Mersonaries and their travels were from Asia to North Africa all the way to Portugal.
They were the BLACK MOORS.

Within this army there were also Gypsies too.
Moors are often described as racially distinct from black Africans.
But they are not.
The eighth century invasion of Iberia was successful because of the military skills and leadership of Africans. Tarik, an African general, led the 711 AD invasion of Spain.
His army captured the cities of Toledo, Cordoba, Elvira, and Archidona.
The victory set the stage for the occupation of two successive Moorish dynasties, the Almahords and Almoravids
Trade between the new kingdoms—Spain and Portugal—and Western African kingdoms also expanded.
The demand for African slaves increased as both Spain and Portugal began to explore and expand into the "New World". "The initial period of conquest relied upon Africans residing on the peninsula to supplement the limited number of Europeans in their effort to reduce the native population of the New World to the altered economic and political order."
For over three centuries Africa and Brazil were intimately linked together as Portuguese colonies.
Brazil became the more profitable of the colonies, but Africa supplied the people and cultures that thoroughly Africanized eastern South America.
Now a little bit about Jamiaca.

The first people of Jamiaca were the Arawak Indians.
In 1494-1655, the Spanish claimed Jamaica and  exterminated the Arawak Indians.

1655-1838 the British turned to large scale importation of Africans to be used as workers on the sugar plantations.
The blacks gained independence from the British on August 6th, 1962.
Maguel Lopez DeLegazpi organized the first Spanish settlement in 1565 and claimed it for Spain.
Now lets look at Spain and the island off Spain.
What happened to the blue eyed cro-magum people that lived on the island off the coast of Spain?
According to history, the Spaniards exterminated the blue eyed cro-magum men and they took the  woman captive.
As for Fiji, no-one knows what happened to the  original native people there.
As I stated eariler, in order for us to understand  the present, we must go back into the past.
That way we get a better understanding of the different clans and languages throughout Australia.

First let us look at the Alawanydajawany or Alawani da jawani people in the Northern
The names and languages from this clan is connected to Punjab and the Middle East.
Go to Nasha Alawani da Punjabi music. site
The Than Kakali clan are connected to the Himalayan people and the now extinct Native American Kakali clan in the USA.
They were completley destroyed.
Jabi Luka people in the Northern Territory came from  Pakistani.
They are connected to 
Banja Luka.(click here)
The Budchata people were actually Germans.
Workii clan in Australia were connected to the Native American Workii people.
They were messed up by the black Jews.
Now let's look at the name
This clan
came from Sidi Barani in Egypt originally.
When we go back into the past, we get a better understanding of the present.

A name  and a person's language tell us a lot about a person and who they are.

Umbarra clan call themselves Yuin.
Yuin people are connected to Taiwan.
According to them it's another name for a race of people,similar to what the Inuits call themselves.
The Umbarra people are also  connected to the
Anaheim,Long Island and Ozark Mountain people.
The home of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Long Island Duck. Umbarra,the Black Duck. Ozark Mountain Ducks Baseball Team.

Nunga people from West Australia are related to the Dalit  tamils (The Indo Africans) in  India.

Kamilaori clan in New South Wales are connected to the kami people in Japan and the upper class people that lived in  the town of Laori (India)
orginal  kami people actually introduced Shinto Budhism to Japan.
Ngunnawal or Ngun Nawal clan are Thailand-Burmese Jews.
The earilest use of  boomerangs was found in Poland dating back 20,000 years ago.

Today, well over two-thirds of the Torres Strait (Congo African descent)  live on the mainland, with the largest  communities living in Cairns, Townsville and Darwin.
The present south American population in Brazil is now a mere 1% compared to the 68% African population and the mixed white  and mongolian population.
The history of New Guinea and Britain(
Here is an excerpt taken from one of Runuko Rashidi's homepage;

"My point is that if we reclaim all of Africa, all of those islands in the Caribbean, the islands of the Pacific populated by people of African descent, united with the millions in India, we will go into the twenty-first century with a billion people, a billion African people."
--Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Hat man in 1933. He certainly moved around that's for sure.
Short man and  sidekicks with boomerang.
Archealogical history of the boomerang dates to Poland 20,000 years ago.

Early picture of a Queensland Cremation.
The native people in Queensland  were the first people to cremate the dead.
Cremation in Australia dates back 68,000 years.
According to the Anthro's,  the dingo's were  introduced into Australia by the The Dravidians from the Indus Valley.

Please note:
The Dravidians and the Australoids did not cremate their dead.
His Holiness
Forever loved and respected
Police in Queensland,Australia.
Modern Euro's Ancestors
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Amud  native of  Israel
Mrs Marsha Stewart
I received a nasty email from Runuko Rashidi.
He wrote "Fuck you, go love your white people."

My response to that is , " I do not like all black, white,red people or yellow especially the ones with no morals or compassion for humanity.
They are the worst, nastiest people of all.

According to Mrs.Marsha Stewart the original people of Australia are not human.
Runuko Rashidi claim that the original people of India are the Dravidians, but this is completely untrue.
Archaelogical evidence alledgedly claim that the Dravidians migrated from Upper Nile in Egypt through Iran and  into the Indus Valley around 2,000  BC.

According to American and Aussie Anthro's, the Dravidians had wide,broad  nostrils like the Australoids.

Please note:

According to the wandering nomads in the Northern Territory.
They made a pact with the God of Thunder.

Banana Republic
Early cave paintings showing short man arriving in Laura, far north Queensland, Australia.

Indo Africans
Gorilla Warrior
and Protector
Rabbi" Gershom Sizomu of the Abayudaya Jewish community in Africa.
Gershom is grandson of community elder.
A soldier  in the Northern Territory.
According to American Anthropologist Alex Christensen and American DNA specialists.
The Australoids as they called are not human.
Thier DNA is similiar to an animal.

Wandering Australoids in the Northern territory in the Outback during the 1940's.
They integrated with  the Dani people from New Guinea.
The Dani people are a mixture of Viking and Negrito (as the Anthro's called them) and Australoid.
The Australoids were not completely human.
Dani people in Tiom, New Guinea
A Dani man in the Northern Territory, Australia.
They integrated with the wandering Australiods
The Dani clan made a pact with the God of Thunder.

The Father of the Arrente people
The Northern Territory (or) the Outback as it is often called;  is home to a range of people; the Arrente people and yes both black and white yanks as well, the yanks work at the space base at pine gap.
And like the yanks, the people in the Outback are diversified also.
Please note:
I am not trying to be mean and nasty to anyone, because I know what's happening now.
We have all become subjects of the  Anthropologists now.
Charles Darwin was a genuis.
The town Darwin in the Northewrn Territory in honour of Darwin.
Before he died, he broke down and cried and he said that there was no evolution.
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