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Hi my name is Binka and I live in California.
The capital city of California is

I have two brothers and their names are Joobes and Jodda  and Jodda is my favorite brother.
We have a pet hampster name Henny and two guinea pigs called Star and Zapper.
I also have a mom and a dad and they love me very much.
They don't let us watch television very much because the people who control the world and the media are not very nice.
So it is no suprise that this world is in a mess.

On the day that I was born a beautiful butterfly flew into the hospital room  and it landed on my forehead.
Mom said that it is a lucky sign.
It means that there is still hope and goodness in this world.

Favourite Links:
Family Page
This is Henny.
Is'nt he sweet and adorable.
This is my brother's Jubba  and Jodda goofing around.
This is my dad when he was stationed in Hawaii.
He was buried up to his neck in sand at Waikiki.
This is me when I was three years old.
Joobes Homepage
Interests and hobbies:

Reading,writing,drawing,martial arts and roller blading.
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Sweet little Henny
This drawing and animation was created by me 2 years ago.
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