Dolphin Coaching Clinic
Starting in the last Sunday in August the Dolphins will be conducting a 12 week coaching clinic. The clinic will be open to Juniors.

There will be 22 places allocated for Juniors aged 14 and over. Subject to the completion of the New traning facilities at the Salamnder Centre, the clinic will be held between 10:00an and 12:00pm at the Salamander Centre.

The 12 weeks will be roughly divided into 3 sections: 1. bowling; 2. batting; and 3. fielding and tactics.

The emphases will be on practical skills while also introducing players to considerations of tactics and the need to be mentally equipped to cope with the intense pressure of cricket.

The clinic will be supervised at all times. It will be conducted by 4 senior players. Mark Palmer, Chris Fotis, Kevin Wright and Daniel Moro will be conducting  the classes. All coaches have played A-Grade in the C & S Compeition. Both Mark and Chris have played representive cricket in NSW and Victoria and bring to the clinic extensive experience.

Students will be coached, videod and their technique analysed to help improve their cricket. Bowling speeds will be measured, anaylsed and considered in light of the type of ball the player is trying to achieve.

The cost of the clinic is yet to be announced.  This will depend upon the availability of a sponsor which we are currently seeking.

All players will be given a new ball which they will be encouraged to take care of during the clinic - ball maintance and care being a skill in itself We also hope to be in position to provide a t-shirt for the clinic.

Juniors will be able to enrol  with a form provided at their registration day
Ritchie Beaneau and Sharne Warne won't be at the clinic but their relationship shows the fruits of tuition as it was Beaneau which a young Warne sought out to get him on track to become one of the world's greatest bowlers.
Clinic Outline
Week 1 - Bowling Run-up and Action
Week 2 & 3 - Swing and Seam Bowling
Week 4 - Pace and Seam Bowling
Week 5 - Spin Bowling
Week 6 - Fielding and Bowling
Week 7 - Defensive Batting
Week 8-& 9  Stroke Play
Weeks 9 & 10  - Tactics and Fielding
Weeks 11 -  Revision
Weeks 12 -  Reserve Week
The use of technology such as speed sensor balls helps make cricket interesting while also providing players with valueable information and benchmarks to self- evaluate their skills

Innovation can sharpen skills. Cricket balls can come all sorts of shapes if they can sharpen skills.
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