Nelson Bay Dolphins
  General Meeting 24 July 2006
The following issues and topics will be discussed and decided upon at our next general meeting. Issues without notice may be raised during general business:
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1. Correspondence

§ Incoming: C & S AGM and team registration dealines

§ Outgoing: Arthur Sopers Player Profiles, McDonalds Sponsorship, Invitation to form teams to community groups.

2. Treasurer’s Report

3. Registrations

§ Cost of and structure of payments?

§ Whether registrations are to be an individual payment or collective team payment to cover of registering a team in C&S -$650?

§ Date by which registrations to be paid?

4. Curating Account

§ Purpose - to isolate funds from general account to take care of essential expenses

§ Form of separate account – whether to be separate paper account or separate actual account?

§ How much to set aside?

§ If separate account, perhaps Mark Palmer or Jeff Bartsch can control account.

5.  Xmas Fundraising Auction

§ Proposed fundraiser for purchase of club bus or other club defined project.

§ Date? Shortly before Xmas on a Sunday?

§ Committee to oversee organization: gather items, promote, prepare auction details.

§ Members to be asked to donate some item to be auctioned. Businesses approached to donate some service or product which is to be auctioned. Items to be purchased for the purpose of selling at the auction.

§ 2 Items already on list: 1 set of pool balls, 1 Fisher Cricket Bat (RRP $469)

§ Is the club prepared to invest in the purchase of items to resell at auction or enter into arrangements whereby suppliers are reimbursed after auction?

§ Is a club bus a worthwhile purpose of the auction: Advantages – transport to games, courtesy bus, trips away, hiring out to other sports, increases club’s profile, mobile advertising board for sponsor, reduce individual fuel costs, ease transport logistics for games. Disadvantages: a maintenance item which needs to insured, registered and fuel.

§ Expenses may be covered by separate bus account. Income from hiring out, seat price etc.

6. Salamander Centre Development - $70-80k budget.

§ Original budget estimate of $107k consisted of 12m x 26m training area slab, 4 x 1.8m x 12m synthetic training wickets with cyclone fencing, 12m x 12m turf training area, 15 x 26 m centre turf wicket,  2 x 1.8  centre synthetic wickets, 6m x 6m slab and awning for equipment shed/area + other sundry items.

§ Items altered to bring spending within budget of $80 and accord with proposed soft netting proposal. Council is seeking costs for the following revised list: 12 x 26 slab area, 12 x 13 synthetic surface, perimeter cyclone fencing and support posts for soft netting, 2 x Centre synthetic wicket, 12 x 12 turf training area, cost of transporting Don Waring pitch to centre wicket Salamander Centre. 1 x Synethetic Wicket for Don Waring. 6 x 6 concrete slab for equipment area.

§ Certain costs such as digging up of Don Waring and laying of replacement synthetic wicket may be reduced by club doing it rather than council and reusing net synthetic surface.

§ Just as importantly the sourcing and construction of soft netting by club will save a large sum.

§ Budget Inequity. Figures have been sought from council for the budget spending on League and Hockey which appear to exceed that apportioned to cricket by a factor of 3 and 2 respectively, keeping in mind that lighting for their fields were always intended for their exclusive use.

7. Junior Clinic – Details to be found on Web Page

§ Daniel Moro, Kev Wright, Mark Palmer and Chris Fotis have committed themselves to 2 hours on a Sunday to conduct a coaching clinic for 22 juniors.

§ Seeking a sponsor presently to assist with purchase of equipment such as balls, t-shirts, radar gun, prises, and make registeration cost nominal.

§ If no sponsor is found the bells and whistles will go and registration will be increased.

§ Chris Fotis is preparing details for each clinic.

8. Appointment of Captains, Vice Captain and Managers.

§ Player availability.

§ Selection policy for A-Grade and other teams.  Need for clear and unambiguous policy concerning A-Grade.

9. Club shop.

§ How much is to be allocated for the purchase of equipment for the reselling to local cricket community.

§ Security of items

10. Club's constitution and membership irregularities

§ Need to keep running of club informal verses the need to comply with Associations Incorporation Act and club’s constitution otherwise protection of limited liability may be threatened.

11. Name and Logo Change

§ Do we need to change name and logo for the purpoe of distinqushing ourselves from other clubs? Lack of awareness in the community about the separation of junior and senior cricket which is not assisted by the joint use of the same logo and similar names.

§ An alternative logo and name has is being used.

§ Alternative suggestions welcome, especially from someone who has time and graphic design skills.

12. Medowie Indoor Sports Centre

§ Owner of business keen to sell. Chris Fotis has looked at purchasing business but thinks it would be too much for him alone

§ Possible purchase for club

§ Advantages: an income source, casual work for members, recruitment point, lift club’s profile, additional training facility, means of attracting players.

§ Disadvantages: Initial investment of time and labour to tidy up premises and negotiate sale, on-going responsibility, if mismanaged liability of rent, distance to Medowie.

§ Committee of 3 to look into idea if members think the idea is worthy of investigation?

13. On-going projects report

§ Wicket covers (Ray Anderson)

§ Sponsorship (Chris Fotis needs suggestions)

§ Fundraising
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