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Thursday 13 July 2006

Ian Gilkes from Port Stephens Council met with Mark Palmer and Chris Fotis to discuss the costing for the cricket facilities. The spreadsheet produced by council virtually ignored senior and junior cricket wish list for new centre.

The costing total of what council decided we wanted, which is very different to what we said we wanted, was $27,000 over budget. The razor was out and plans needed to be altered.  More Details
Funding Debacle

Let's do some calculations concerning the new centre. If you were to quickly look around the Salamander Centre you will see several items which are exsclusively for the use of Junior League. These are lights, 3 shade and shelter sheds, goal posts, and dug outs. There maybe more but these are the obvious ones.

The total of these items at least triples the budget allowed for cricket. This is very hard to make sense of. Senior and Junior cricket have just as many playing members as junior lleague, if not more, yet we are being trated like a minority sport with a marginal membership.

If we look towards the hockey field we will see expensive lights and a well manicured grass surface,  and many other items exclusive to it's own use, which it does not have to share with other sports. At a rough estimate the budget for hockey has doubled that allowed for cricket.

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