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Sunday, February 24, 2002

Furtado Up For Four Awards
Grammy nods just latest kudos for Furtado.

Canada will be represented by yet another wildly successful female artist at the Grammy Awards on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

 Twenty-three-year-old singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado -- born in Victoria but now based in Toronto -- follows in the footsteps of Diana Krall, Sarah McLachlan, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette and Celine Dion and heads into the 2002 Grammy race with an impressive four nominations.

 She'll compete for best new artist, song of the year and best female pop vocal performance for her global-pop hit I'm Like A Bird, and best pop vocal album for her CD, Whoa, Nelly! The ceremony airs on CBS and CTV starting at 8 p.m.

 "I still don't expect things -- as if I would ever have expected to get nominated for best song," says Furtado, who was recently in Toronto rehearsing for her current tour, which pulls into Massey Hall on April 18 and 19.

 "That's like, 'Woo- hoo!' That's incredible. That's my first single nominated and it's nominated for best song. So I'm really stoked about that."

 The four Grammy nods cap what has been an incredible year-and-a-half for Furtado since Whoa, Nelly! was released.

 Among her accomplishments:
  • Performing in Salt Lake City as part of the Winter Olympics concert series
  • Opening for U2 on a couple of their Elevation tour dates
  • Singing with Elton John at his post-Oscar bash
  • Winning four Juno Awards
  • Appearing as musical guest on Saturday Night Live
  • Singing on stage with Aretha Franklin
  • Collaborating on a song with Missy Elliott
  • And touring on Moby's Area:One festival.

     "It's like a whole other thing," said Furtado of her Grammys recognition. "It's like a new chapter ... so I'm just getting used to it. I'm just feeling it out right now. The reflection doesn't dawn on me until four to six months later. Like the No.1 thing would be opening at Slane Castle for U2. No. 2 would be the Missy duet and No. 3 is the Area:One Tour. So this Grammy thing, I'm sure, will stand out at some point."

     Furtado's certainly come a long way from the days when she worked as a motel chambermaid.

     As the now oft-told story goes, she was discovered by her future producer Gerald Eaton (Philosopher Kings) five years ago while singing on stage at Lee's Palace with the trip-hop outfit Nelstar.

     But instead of hooking up with Eaton immediately, she opted to go backpacking in Europe and then return to the West Coast to study creative writing at college and learn to play the guitar.

     "I had a great conversation with my mom and dad (on Grammy nomination day)," says Furtado. "They were both on the line. I felt so proud. I could feel how proud they were of me and how excited they were, and I think it's beyond their wildest dreams, too.

     "The funny thing is, I think they always knew I would get here somehow, but I don't think they did, for real. It was so cool. I was really proud of the three of us. I was proud of my family that day."

     Now Furtado is thrilled to share the Grammy nomination wealth with her Whoa, Nelly! producers. Eaton and Brian West, both former members of Philosopher Kings who now work under the name Track And Field, picked up a nomination for best producers (non-classical).

     "The fact that Track And Field are up for production -- they're up against people like Dr. Dre and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis -- it proves that people are noticing the musicality on the record and the depth of the record, and that means a lot," Furtado says.

     Another feather in Furtado's cap was when she recently graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly with fellow Grammy nominees Alicia Keys and India.Arie. Still to come is next month's SPIN, which names her among the Top 40 Most Vital Artists.

     Furtado admits Grammy competition is tight this year, with Keys and Arie getting six and seven nominations, respectively, but insists the trio of twentysomethings are rooting for each other.

     "Deep down, I think there's a competitive side, but on the surface at least and just in general, spirit-wise, we're all supporting each other because we feel we come from the same background, the three of us," Furtado says. "We feel like we're all artists and we're all musicians and we're all women and we have something positive to say."

     The EW article proclaimed that "this month's Grammy bash is all about the babes. That is the young trio of rising stars -- Alicia Keys, India.Arie and Nelly Furtado -- who are bringing sass and womanly soul back to pop."

     For her part, Furtado says, "I just hate when anything becomes a trend. Then I feel like it's trivialized. So I prefer to look at it like three women with something positive to say. We're just doing our thing."

     Furtado, who enjoyed months of massive hype in the U.S. before Whoa, Nelly! was even released, feels her career has built slowly down south.

     "It's been a year and a half since my album came out, so it took awhile," she says. "It took 10 months to get I'm Like A Bird in the Top Five. It took even a while to get people on board. It took 'til Turn Off The Light became a Top Five hit in the U.S. That's when things started solidifying for me and people started believing more in my album rather than just my songs, and that's an important step."

     Still, she admits she'll be one nervous Nelly come Grammy night.

     "Yeah, I'm nervous when I think about it," says Furtado. "I know I'm going to be nervous that day. It's going to be like one of those fairytale days again, kind of like the Junos. It'll be all really fun. It's going to be fun."

     And even if Furtado leaves the Grammys empty-handed, she's up for two more Junos this year, best album and best artist.

     Furtado will also perform on the Juno ceremony televised live on April 14 from Mile One Stadium in St. John's, Nfld. (CTV, 8 p.m. )

     And, unlike last year, when she got turned away from her own label's after-Juno party at Rain restaurant in Toronto, there should be no problems on the ultra-friendly East Coast.

     "Oh, that was a small, small thing," Furtado says now of the incident that made headlines last year. "I was on a high anyway. That didn't really matter. I was like, 'Okay! On to the next (party)!' "
  • Source: Toronto Sun / Article / By: Janet Stevenson

    NAACP Image Awards Picture

    Presenters, from left, singer Alicia Keys, actor Tyrese, and singer Nelly Furtado announce winners at the 33rd Annual NAACP Image Awards Ceremony at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2002. (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson)

    Source: Yahoo! News

    "Whoa, Nelly!" on Canada's Album Top 100: Week 69
    This week "Whoa, Nelly!" fell 4 spots to the #57 position after being on the charts for 69 weeks.

    Canada's Albums Top 100: Whoa, Nelly!
    week (69) ending 02.21.02 #57
    week (68) ending 02.14.02 #53
    week (67) ending 02.07.02 #58


    "Hey Man!" on Canada's The Hits Chart (Airplay) - Top 100: Week 3

    This week "Hey Man!" fell 16 spots to the #41 position after being on the charts for 3 weeks. 

    The Hits Chart (Airplay) - Top 100: Hey Man!
    week (3) ending 02.21.02 #41
    week (2) ending 02.14.02 #25
    week (1) ending 02.07.02 #21


    Saturday, February 23, 2002

    Nelly at #2 with The Best Eyes!
    Nelly Furtado has been voted as one of the stars with the Best Eyes on MTV's TRL Presents: Beauty and the Beat where viewers vote for their top ten videos from the artist's looks.  The show also featured some special segments such as Best Lips.  Here are the results of the Best Eyes votes:

    Best Eyes
    5. Lauryn Hill
    4. Shirley Manson
    3. Jewel
    2. Nelly Furtado
    1. Brandy

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online

    "...On The Radio" Debuts On Rick Dees Top 40
    On this week's Rick Dees Top 40 Countdown, Nelly Furtado debuts onto the countdown at #40.  This debut on the countdown is a sign that the song is beginning to get airplay in the USA!


    Friday, February 22, 2002

    Grammys 2002 Predictions (MTV Asia)
    Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

    Faith Hill again? Will her husband be picking up the award on her behalf? Well, somehow we think this year things are going to change a little and Nelly Furtado, who is going to lose out in the Best New Artist Category, is going to pick this award up instead for "I'm Like A Bird."


    Thursday, February 21, 2002

    Natalie Cole, Nelly Furtado, Don Henley, Stevie Wonder Join Tribute To Billy Joel
    Musicians to appear at MusiCares Person Of The Year Dinner

    Natalie Cole, Nelly Furtado, Don Henley and Stevie Wonder have been announced as the newest performers for the MusiCares Person Of The Year tribute dinner to Billy Joel on Feb. 25 in Los Angeles. The artists will join previously announced performers Tony Bennett, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora, Garth Brooks, Richard Joo, Diana Krall and Rob Thomas. Paul Reiser will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

    The invitation-only Person Of The Year dinner, which will honor Joel for his lifetime of professional achievements and humanitarian accomplishments, will also feature a silent auction with collectibles such as music and sports memorabilia, artwork and luxury items. Proceeds will benefit the MusiCares Foundation and their Financial Assistance Program, which ensures that music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical and personal need.


    "Whoa, Nelly!" on The Billboard 200: Week 60
    This week "Whoa, Nelly!" moved up 12 spots to the #76 position after being on the charts for 60 weeks!  That is more than a year and Nelly's debut album is still climbing!

    The Billboard 200: Whoa, Nelly!
    week (60) ending 02.20.02 #76
    week (59) ending 02.13.02 #88

    Source: Billboard

    Wednesday, February 20, 2002

    Nelly on MTV's Ultrasound
    Nelly was featured on an episode of MTV's Ultrasound tonight.  It takes a forward look at the bands and musicians that shape and define today's music scene. Ultra Sound provides viewers with an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at today's established and breaking artists and the trends and controversies they generate.?
    During the show, Nelly spoke to the people about how she started out as a lonely person who wouldn't socialize much.  Then she also spoke of being a chamber maid where she would think of future.  She also talked about being in her group Nelstar where MTV played a clip from one of their videos.  The song was called 'Like' (not positive).

    Repeats of the show will air:
    2/20 - 10:30PM
    2/21 - 12:00AM
    2/22 - 7:30PM
    2/23 - 12:30AM
    2/24 - 6:00AM
    2/25 - 8:30AM
    2/26 - 1:00AM
    2/26 - 6:30PM
    2/27 - 1:00PM

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online

    Furtado, Goo Goo Dolls To Rock The Vote!
    Nelly Furtado, modern rockers the Goo Goo Dolls, and R&B newcomer Glenn Lewis will all be on hand to perform Feb. 26 when Rock The Vote stages its annual awards ceremony. As reported earlier this week, the organization will honor Dave Matthews and Destiny's Child with it's Patrick Lippert Award for their activism. Other awards will be presented to "The West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin and Pam Horovitz, president of the National Association of Record Merchandisers.

    Tickets for the event at Los Angeles' House of Blues, set at $150 each, are available through the Blue Room Group either online ( or by calling 310-491-1401.

    Founded in 1990, Rock The Vote is dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and empowering young people to change their world. Past recipients of the Patrick Lippert Award -- named for a late Rock The Vote president who spearheaded the organization's 1991-92 voter registration drive -- include Mary J. Blige, Neil Young, Queen Latifah, Carlos Santana, Bono, Pearl Jam, Chuck D., Sheryl Crow, L.L. Cool J., and the Beastie Boys. For more information, visit the Rock The Vote Web site ( and ).


    Nelly Did Not Win in 2002 Brit Awards
    Tonight, the 2002 Brit Awards were held over in Britain.  Nelly Furtado was nominated for two of the Brits in the following categories, International Newcomer and International Female Artist.  She lost to The Strokes in the newcomer category and Kylie Minogue in the International Female Artist category.

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online

    Predictions for 2002 Grammys (AP)
    Heading into this year's Grammy Awards, most of the focus has been on the new generation of female singer-songwriters — the streetwise yet elegant R&B of Alicia Keys, the alternative soul of India.Arie, and the eclectic pop of Nelly Furtado.

    They have 17 nominations between them. Still, there's a good chance that the big winners on Grammy night will be four aging baby boomers. U2 has eight nominations and had a great 2001: the year's top-grossing concert tour, hit singles and three Grammys (news - web sites) at last year's ceremony.

    Then again, everyone thought Eminem (news - web sites) would win best album last year — everyone but us, that is.

    Here's how two Associated Press writers think things will shake out in key categories:

    Song of the Year
    Nominees: "Drops of Jupiter," Charlie Colin, Rob Hotchkiss, Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood (Train); "Fallin'," Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys); "I'm Like a Bird," Nelly Furtado (Nelly Furtado); "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of," U2 (U2); "Video," India.Arie, Carlos "Six July" Broady and Shannon Sanders (India.Arie).

    BAUDER: Just asking, but can anyone remember "Drops of Jupiter" five minutes after hearing it? Nelly Furtado and India.Arie are both exciting new talents, but I'd bet they have better work ahead of them. Keys will win this.

    MOODY: Keys. If my wrong pick last year taught me anything, it's that Grammy voters almost always award this trophy to the winner of the best record category.

    New Artist
    Nominees: Nelly Furtado, David Gray, India.Arie, Alicia Keys, Linkin Park.

    MOODY: This category's less fun this year because, for once, all of the nominees are deserving (though few people probably know British crooner David Gray). Again, India.Arie is the strongest musically, but the battle will likely be between the year's best-selling acts: Linkin Park, Keys and Furtado. Grammy voters will choose Keys, appeasing critics and fans alike.

    BAUDER: Who's David Gray, you ask? An awful lot of "Babylon" fans will beg to differ. In fact, a scenario where Keys, Furtado and India.Arie swipe votes from each other and Gray slips in is not far-fetched. Does that mean I'm brave enough to pick him? Nah. It's hard to vote against Alicia here.

    Female Pop Vocal Performance
    Nominees: "I'm Like a Bird," Nelly Furtado; "There You'll Be," Faith Hill; "Someone To Call My Lover," Janet Jackson; "By Your Side," Sade; "Essence," Lucinda Williams.

    BAUDER: Gotta love the diversity and quality in this category. I wouldn't mind the smoldering Williams stalking me, if she's in the mood she's in on "Essence." Don't think her profile is high enough to win here, though. My pick is Sade.

    MOODY: Oooh, tough category. Janet Jackson could win here simply because she's never won in a major category, but there's good reason for that: The girl can't sing. A better bet will be Furtado for her cheerful, uplifting debut song. Still, Dave just might be right, especially given how well Sade did after a 10-year absence.

    Source: AP

    What is Nelly Wearing At The Grammys?

    Pat O'Brien from Access Hollywood asked that exact question on the show today.  Nelly replied with something but she cannot say what, but she included that she "likes to play dress-up."
    To watch the conversation, click here.

    Source: Access Hollywood

    Nelly & Katarina: Glide Like a Bird

    Four-time Grammy® nominee Nelly Furtado burned up the stage at the Olympic Medals plaza Monday night. The Canadian singer then tore up the town in Salt Lake City, paying a visit to the Olympic Village. There, Nelly met 1988 gold medalist Katarina Witt, who took her onto the ice rink to give her a few tips.

    Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien caught up with Nelly just hours after the encounter:

    Nelly Furtado: I went skating with Katarina Witt today. We actually got to skate around the rink. No one else was allowed to skate there! She got me in there. (laughs)

    Pat O'Brien: And were you a good skater?

    Nelly: She taught me some new moves. It was pretty cool. As a 10 year old, I watched her win the gold at the Calgary Olympics in '88. I idolized her. I wanted to be her, so it was truly a dream come true when I got to skate with her.

    Pat: What is this like to play for the Olympics - to play for the world?

    Nelly: We'll have it pretty good, I think, with the athletes because the show's pretty international. There are sounds from all over the world in my set. There is a heavy Brazilian sort of undertone and Portuguese undertones. There's a little Indian stuff going on in my set and there's a lot of American hip-hop.

    Pat: The Canadians have taken over the Olympics. You must be so proud of your homeland.

    Nelly: I am very proud. I went to a hockey game yesterday -- Canada vs. Germany. I brought my father and my mother. My father has been watching hockey, religiously, since he moved to Canada 30 years ago. He got to meet some of his favorite players, so it was totally amazing.

    Source: Access Hollywood

    Tuesday, February 19, 2002

    Nelly Furtado Ready For 'Radio'
    Nelly Furtado
    will shoot for the trifecta with the release of her latest single, "...On The Radio (Remember The Days)," the follow-up to the highly successful "Turn Off The Light" and "I'm Like A Bird." The Canadian pop singer-songwriter tells LAUNCH that the song is "very much a departure" and her "favorite track" on her debut album, Whoa, Nelly!

    "The song is about, just kinda staying true to yourself regardless of what peers are telling you and just following your heart in whatever you decide to do," she says. "In my case, musically, growing out of growing pains in music, feeling like you have to belong to any one genre or any kinda underground cult and just being proud of being a pop artist."

    Lyrics include: "You liked me 'til you heard my s--t on the radio, but now I'm just too mainstream for you."

    Furtado recently completed a video with renowned director Hype Williams. Look for the video soon at LAUNCH, Your Yahoo! Music Experience (

    Furtado will perform the song on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno February 19. Meanwhile, she remains on the road, performing the first of a two-night-stand at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday night (February 11).

    -- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

    Source: Launch / Article:
    Nelly Furtado Ready For 'Radio'

    Performance at Olympics Medal Plaza
    Last night, Nelly Furtado performed a concert at the Olympics Medal Plaza as part of the Hallmark Olympic Celebration Ceremonies for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  The only part which was televised was during The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with the performance of 'I'm Like A Bird.'  Below are two pictures from her performance.


    click on the images to see the full size.

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online / Article: Predictions

    MSN Grammy Predictions
    WARNING: The following are only opinions and predictions from MSN.
    MSN Music's experts pick the winners and reveal their favorites.

    Rising stars and living legends, rappers and hillbillies, soul queens and boy toys — they'll all be competing for recognition when the 44th annual Grammy Awards are handed out Feb. 27.

    Watched by nearly 2 billion viewers in 180 countries, this is the major music awards show on the planet. For some artists it will be an exhilarating night of victory, but for most, a ceremony of disappointment and defeat. So who'll go home with a gold statue, and who'll have to settle for the comfort of their gold records? Which artists deserve to win but didn't even get nominated? The experts at MSN Music have put their heads together to predict the winners (and honor the overlooked) in the major 2001 Grammy categories: The Big Four, Pop, Rock/Alternative, Country, R&B, Rap, Jazz and Soundtracks.

    Song of the Year
    This is a tough one. This award is based solely on songwriting chops, and there are a lot of good nominees. It won't be Nelly Furtado; take away the ingenious production from "I'm Like A Bird," and you've basically got a song that Jewel threw away. A nomination for Record of the Year would have made more sense. For those who judge on hooks alone (radio programmers, record-label execs, ordinary people), you would still have to decide between OutKast's infernally catchy "Ms. Jackson" and U2's virally infectious "Stuck In A Moment That You Can't Get Out Of." Alicia's "Fallin'" did anything but fall on the charts all year long; if this were a popularity contest, she'd win, but supposedly it's not. India.Arie's "Video" is lyrically poignant, sufficiently catchy and satisfyingly groovy and should take the award. She's a long shot, but an upset here would add a little excitement to the evening.

    Best New Artist
    This award will go to Alicia Keys, although India.Arie is probably more deserving. Unlike Keys, India.Arie had the intelligence and good grace not to produce her own debut album, and one can't help but wonder if Keys' over-souled vocal pyrotechnics aren't a smokescreen for some underlying insecurity. Maybe it's just over-exposure, but the more I hear, the more I think she's overrated. Nelly Furtado is perky and all, and she had a great big year with her album and guest spots, but she needs a vocal makeover: whiny nasal went out with Britney Spears. It's nice to see David Gray getting some recognition, but he's hardly new; he's been putting out albums since '93. And uh, Linkin Park is good ... not.

    Best Pop Vocal Album
    My pick is Sade's wonderful Lovers Rock. Sade has updated to the 21st century in a very organic, natural way; she uses electronic hip-hop and dub beats, but with a spacious simplicity that breathes a lot of openness and warmth into her songs, without sounding like a trendy stylistic move. The songs are incredibly touching, contemplative, sultry and hypnotic, while Sade's voice is as smooth as ever, and the production is immaculate. Although the competition is tough — including Elton John's Songs From the West Coast and newcomer Nelly Furtado's Whoa, Nelly — none of the other albums have the same kind of quality throughout the entire record. Realistically, it's a toss-up on who will take the Grammy home, but in my mind, no matter what happens, Sade has already won.

    Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
    Talented young upstart Nelly Furtado, who's also nominated for Song of the Year and Best New Artist, has a chance at this award for "I'm Like A Bird." Her album Whoa, Nelly was one of the most creative debuts of last year, but she's facing tough competition from veterans Janet Jackson ("Someone to Call My Lover") and Sade ("By Your Side"), who both released solid records. My personal favorite here is again Sade.

    Source: / Article: Predictions

    Monday, February 18, 2002

    Nelly's Grammy Countdown
    With one week left until the big events which could win Nelly Furtado a precious Grammy, which is one of the highest honors for musicians in the United States, no one is quite sure on who will win!  Nelly has been nominated in the following categories: Song Of The Year (I'm Like A Bird), Best New Artist, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

    According to Entertainment Weekly (, they have predicted on who will win in the following categories:
    Best New Artist: thinks Alicia Keys will win the Grammy and also they think that she should win.
    Best Female Vocal Performance: thinks that Nelly Furtado will win the Grammy, but they think that Sade should win.
    Best Pop Vocal Album: thinks that Nelly Furtado will win the Grammy and also they think that she deserves to win!

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online &

    Grammy Predictions
    Best New Artist:
    WILL WIN ALICIA KEYS There's little doubt that Keys will take this category. Furtado hasn't made as much impact; Gray has several previous albums to his name and only one hit single; Arie is still relatively unknown; and Linkin Park's jejune rap-rock is far more popular among teens than conservative Grammy voters. EW SAYS: ''It seems like the whole point of the marketing of Alicia Keys over the last year was to make her the Best New Artist and instill it into people's heads that it was a given.''

    Keys is a genuinely new artist (unlike Gray) whose debut album brims with promise. She writes and produces her own songs, and plays the piano. EW SAYS: ''Everything about her screams serious musician -- from the album's Beethoven and Chopin references to the long hours she spends in the studio. The message is: Here's an artist whose career will endure and deepen.''

    Best Female Pop Vocal Performance:
    WILL WIN NELLY FURTADO She's young, she's commercially successful, and she's cute. EW SAYS: ''It's a fun song and she does a good job singing it. Still, either Janet Jackson or Sade could wind up winning this one based on pure name recognition.''

    If the award is really based on quality of vocal performance, Sade's icy-smooth pipes deserve recognition. EW SAYS: ''She's on the Enya level -- the established industry-favorite easy-listening type. And she did make a really surprising comeback this year.''

    Best Pop Vocal Album:
    We can't rule out the possibility that voters might finally make a small concession to the teen-pop phenomenon they've long ignored, and give the award to 'N Sync. EW SAYS: ''The Nelly Furtado album has several advantages: It's commercially successful, she has a unique approach in her singing, and most Grammy voters have probably heard the album's singles by now.''

    EW SAYS: ''Nelly Furtado is a fresh face with an interesting mix of styles and genres, and she has that youthful exuberance.''

    Source: / Article: American Band Stand

    Request "...On The Radio" on MTV Select (Canada)
    Please help support the "On The Radio" video by going to MTV Canada's Select website to vote for Nelly Furtado's video.  Select is Canada's newest top ten countdown show.  To support the her video, put the following image on your website to plead for people to vote:

    To save the picture above, right click and press save picture as.
    Also remember to link the picture to the following website:

    Source: Nelly Furtado Online & MTV Canada / Site: Select

    Golden Girls
    This week, the cover of Entertainment Weekly features the three new names in the music industry, India.Arie, Alicia Keys, and Nelly Furtado. brings an exclusive interview as their cover story.  To view the pictures that go along with the article, click here.  The following are excerpts of the article that inclue Nelly Furtado.

    Between the three of them, they have 17 Grammy nominations: seven for India.Arie, six for Alicia Keys, and four for Nelly Furtado. This -- along with platinum sales for their debut albums -- shows that the world is ready to appreciate these early- to mid-20s sistahs who prove their skills at writing, singing, AND producing their rhythm-powered music. The day after January's American Music Awards, Entertainment Weekly photographed the threesome and gathered them for a long discussion about their lives, careers, heroes, and other subjects.

    FURTADO ON THE HIGHEST PRAISE ''Aretha Franklin, who's one of the best singers on the planet, ever, told me that she thought my lyrics were deep. I almost fainted.''

    FURTADO ON ENCOURAGEMENT ''There's nothing better than when a teacher tells you you're talented or they believe in your writing. When a teacher says that when you're a kid, it's like, Oh my God, nothing better. And I'm talking all it takes is one comment from a teacher to give you confidence for, like, five years… longer -- a lifetime.''

    FURTADO ON A MEMORABLE INTERVIEW ''I was at the MTV Awards in Frankfurt, and a woman reporter got up and said, 'Have you put on some weight? Because you look heavier in your latest video.' And I went, 'I can't believe you just asked me that. Can you get up please?' I got her to stand up and turn around, and I said, 'You should be ashamed of yourself for asking me a question like that. I think I'm gonna go have some French fries and some burgers right about now.

    ''Then I was so distracted by the fact that she had given me that energy with her remark that halfway through another person's questions, I just out of nowhere jumped off the stage, grabbed the mike, and freestyled in her face -- said she was a disgrace to the female race, a disgrace to the ladies. 'Just because she had a microphone/ Doesn't mean she's on a throne/ And could be saying anything she wanted to/ Unless she had to go home...' And it was like we were throwing verbal stones at her. Because I didn't feel it was right, especially as a fellow woman, to be even going in that direction. Then I proceeded into the photo room, where I ended up sticking my butt out in all the photos. I was bent completely over -- pretty much the Fred Durst F--- off photo moment. So I'm not completely a pop diva.'' [laughs]

    (For additional photos and an extended interview, see the Feb. 8 cover story of Entertainment Weekly magazine.)

    Source: / Article:
    Golden Girls

    Friday, February 15, 2002

    Now 9 Track Listing REVEALED!
    The makers of Now That's What I Call Music has released the track listing for their 9th version of the CD.  Nelly Furtado will be making her debut on the CD series with her hit song "Turn Off The Light."  The CD is expected to be released on March 19th, 2002.  The track listing includes:

    1. Pink - Get This Party Started
    2. Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U
    3. Mary J. Blige - Family Affair
    4. Shakira - Whenever, Wherever
    5. Jennifer Lopez - Ain't it Funny
    6. Ja Rule - Livin' It Up
    7. Ludacris - Rollout
    8. Mr. Cheeks - Lights, Camera, Action
    9. Petey Pablo - Raise Up
    10. City High - Caramel
    11. Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Lights
    12. *NSYNC - Gone
    13. Destiny's Child - Emotion
    14. Ginuwine - Differences
    15. Backstreet Boys - Drowning
    16. U2 - Stuck In A Moment That You Can't Get Out Of
    17. Aerosmith - Just Push Play
    18. Lenny Kravitz - Dig In
    19. Incubus - Wish You Were Here
    20. Adema - Giving In

    Source: Now That's What I Call Music

    Hosted by