the world is living.
hey there. my name is janelle. i love jazz. i love alternative and indie rock. i love classical music. i love the blues. i love 80s pop. i play piano. i write poetry. i sing in the shower. i eat red vines which are my favorite candy in the entire world, and my toothbrush is teal. teal is my favorite color. iris is my favorite song. this is a work in progress...slowly opening my life to the rest of the world with internet access. if you stumble across this site, please do not be a pirate. for pirates are lonely and lead only saddened lives such as i. even though we all love jack sparrow, please do not follow in his footsteps. although he never stole from me, so he's an alright guy. i just finished the links page which i find quite interesting...check it out.
my life soundtrack.
crochet me a bag or something because i want to look like i made it.
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