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This is me in all my glory, lol. My alltime favourite pastime, being between the pipes.  This picture was taken as a joke and ended up being used as a publicity shot for our local hockey arena to advertise that "yes! even girls have fun on the ice".  I'll admit it's not one of my best positions on the ice but off the ice is another story, lol.
This is the backview of my goalie mask, and YES that is my nickname on the ice, who would think that I would actually advertise my weakspot, lol.  But then again there's not much that gets between my legs, hehehe.
Hi everyone!!!  Glad you could come for a visit.  In the coming pages you'll get to know a little more about the things that I'm most passionate about in life.  I'll include some links to some of my favourite websites, clubs, etc...
Yep that's me! Supposedly hard at work, lol but screwing around taking pics for my website, lol...
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A day in the life of me at work, you wouldn't think I work in politics with the smile that's on my face would you?  But yep I do...it's a strange world hahahaha
Happy to be home finally!  Taken Sept.17/03 when I went home to North Bay to help out the boss during the campaign...
A portrait of Queen's Park (the Ontario Parliament building) where I work, it's a beautiful building and the architecture and craftsmanship that is inside this building is absolutely breathtaking...funny thing about this building though is part of the history behind it is that when it was first built in 1898 it was built as an Isane Asylum, yep that's right it was a looney bin and now it's where the laws of our province are made, isn't that a kicker, lol....
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