"Sweet Rosealind "

One of a kind Black Little Big Eyes

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Rosealind is a custom Little Big Eyes doll, she has been primed with plastic primer and carefully spray painted in Kryolyn plastic paints.

She comes with her purple hair cut into a fashionable bob, a funky Blythe Wig for a more Wild look,and all the accessories you see.

The only exception is the stand which is not included.

Her lips have been hand painted in artist acrylic and her eyelashes replace with thicker fuller sparkle lashes


Madeline has 4 unique sets of eye chips

*the first set is hand painted in yellow one eye is more natural and the other is a One of a kind design

    this will design not be repeated in any other doll.

*the next set of eye chips are real Blythe© orange chips,the have been hand ground to fit the Little Big Eye© sockets, and are foiled in holographic paper .

*the third set are real real Blythe© pink chips,the have been hand ground to fit the Little Big Eye© sockets, and are foiled in holographic paper

*the fourth set are real Blythe© green chips,the have been hand ground to fit the Little Big Eye© sockets, and are foiled in holographic paper


If your searching for perfection this is not the doll for you. Original art dolls will always have some flaws. I always list the laws I notice on my dolls.

Little big Eyes© have issues with their legs falling off. this doll has had her legs reattached, because of this the paint around her hip joints shows some wear. She also has a small scratch on her leg & a small wear mark on one shoulder, again at the joint. These are unnoticeable while the doll is dress.

While the paint is quite durable it is Not a factory finish and therefore she should be handled as an Art Doll not as a play doll . I do Guarantee that if they legs fall off again you can send her back to me for repair at no extra cost.


I have always thought the Little big Eyes dolls© were Blythe's© sad little step sister.I created Ugly Duckling Dolls to show that with a little love and attention this much maligned doll can become a "beautiful Swan". Little Big eyes Dolls© are much less expensive than any of the Blythe© dolls, and I can then give you a beautiful Blythe "style" doll without the Blythe© expense.
This beautiful swan will arrive in the full outfit you see shown including her shoe& wig, stand is NOT included

Shipping and Payment information:

I will ship by Canada Post, I always try and find the most economical postage.HOWEVER if you want insurance the price will be higher. Shipping within Canada may be more expensive... why??? Because the postal system works that way .Personally I don't get it. I do not charge any "handling fees" in my shipping and if the actual price is considerably lower than the quoted shipping fee I refund the difference. If the shipping fee is marginally higher I do not charge you the extra, if it is marginally lower I do not refund. ( I'm talking about a couple of bucks difference anything over 5$ more is not marginal in my opinion.)

Shipping time : I do my level best to ship in a timely manner, but please remember with international shipping things do get held at the border for customs inspection, I have no control over this.

Payment: I prefer payment by paypal, but I will accept  international money orders, cheques from Canadians( if prior arrangement is made!) I expect payment within 7 days, UNLESS there is a prior arrangement made. Please email me if you think you may have a problem paying on time and we can work something out.


Returns: Custom items are works of art and therefore are innately imperfect.I try my best to list all the flaws in my dolls. I will not refund unless I have grossly misrepresented an item. If an item is lost in the mail and insurance was not purchased I cannot issue a refund . I will say that in my years on ebay I have only had 2 items ever go missing and they were both very small.

Feed back
I leave feedback as soon as I hear from you that the item has arrived and you are happy with it! Feedback is often the only way I know that the buyer has received the item




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