Me Myself & I
I'm an African American. Born and raised in Harlem, USA but I am not Ghetto or Gangsta. I am a RockGirl plain and simple.I'm about 5'5", Caramel complexion, dark brown eyes that look almost black and can get very big.  People tell me they look like doe eye which I think is so sweet. I'm 21 but look really young.  I'm not the prettiest girl around but I can hold my own. I have good curves, (no chichos) and a big smile.  I like to smile and do it as often as I can!  I love women. There is nothing better than the feel smell and taste of a woman. MAYBE one day I'll try to have sex with a guy but I have no reason to actually go through with it! Guys are fun to smoke and drink with and make good competition in sports, but girls can just make you tingly all over and are just so sweet.  Girls remember silly things and can make you laugh at anything. Yeah sometimes they can be catty but gossip is fun.
I love music. I listen to almost anything but rap and hip-hop. If you like those and can't listen to other things we probably will not get along. I especially love some of the following artists:
� Metallica
� System of a Down
� Radiohead
� Tori Amos
� John Mayer
� Ani DiFranco
� Pearl Jam
� Slipknot
� The Doors
� Tricky
� Tegan & Sara
� Angie Aparo
� Pink Floyd
And if I can remember the others that might have slipped through the cracks of my weed-addled brain, I'll add them later!
I also love movies!If anyone has ideas for good lezzie movies let me know! The following movies rate high on my charts:
� Better Than Chocolate
� Bound
� But I'm a Cheerleader
� Gia
� The Girl
� Rocky Horror Picture Show
� Psycho Beach Party
� American Psycho
� American Beauty
� Big Lebowski
� Mary Reilly
� The Shining
I love to just chill out with friends, have a couple of beers and dance.  But I especially love to smoke weed. 420 4 LIFE!!!

I love my family, but they do get on my nerves. I love my friends! My friends from Sacred Heart will always have a special place in my heart..  Berkeley may suck as a school but I met some cool people here. Working for Homes for the Homeless at Camp Wakonda was Awesome!  I loved meeting poeple from all over the world.
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