Alright, folkses! This is it. I've had enough...
Nellas of Doriath, packing her things before happily wandering off to better times...
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More space, more bandwidth, less ads. Yay!
  My faithful muses, Glorfindel and Olorando, are already eagerly packing everything up for the eagles to fly it over to new Menegroth. Aren't they sweet?
   Not much of a surprise here, as this was long planned, but satisfying nonetheless that I *finally* did it.
   I daresay we had some good time here, so how could that stop now?! Indeed, I intend to keep that up, for both our sakes. The new site is riddled with treats for you, so go and enjoy - and thank you for your patience in this.
Nellas of Doriath
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