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S.Nellai nayagam B.E(Mech)
I am 24 years young man.
I have completed my B.E (Mech)
I am a good natured person.
I am very wealthy and will enjoy honour and respect.
I am very wise and learned.
I am very popular in my occupation.
I will travel to foreign countries.
I am respecting elders and literate people.
I am very active. 
I had  a lot of happiness in my childhood.
I will acquire wealth and honour in the later part of my life.
I am progressing after 22 years of age.
I have a long face and are very good looking.
My forehead is very prominent.
I have bright eyes.
I am open hearted and generous.
I am very active and bold.
I love sports and recreation.
I am always ambitious to acquire honour and fame.
I will not be very tall and will have an impressive voice.
I am attach a lot of importance to my self interest.
I am religious and may be the head of public institutes.
I am interested in philosophy and religious books.
I have an attractive personality.
I am always smiling and are not showy.
I am truth loving and kind hearted.
I am very independent in my thoughts.
I am an expert in judgement. I have a strong mind.
I will acquire thorough knowledge of subjects.
I am god fearing.
I am laborious and don't like to be idle.
I am having fond of eating and drinking
playing chess,gardening
my Friendly relationship gives lot of friends
first my mom is my best friend
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