Nell Alison Bekiares
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I am a native Minnesotan, but I dont sound a bit like the characters from the movie Fargo, nor do I have much in common with Ole and Lena. Nonetheless, from time to time you might catch me saying uff da! or okey-doke. I grew up in Minneapolis, attended Armitage, Lyndale, Anthony, South, and Southwest schools.

I am (and will always be) an Illini. My alma matter is the University of Illinois. After graduating with a BS in Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution, and a BA in Anthropology (and a minor in English), I decided to be the next Jane Goodall. Primates are my favorite animals. Anyway, after discovering that I didnt really want to live in a forest for the rest of my life, I started along the path of Zoo Biology, which has led me to where I am today.

I finished a hard-earned Master of Science degree from Southern Illinois University through 2 departments-Zoology and Animal Science.

I'm currently working for the International Species information System out at the Minnesota Zoo. Our company helps zoos to manage their animal collection records. I work on the USChimps grant project as the database coordinator, and do additional work for ISIS as the Biological Projects Coordinator. I have my hands in a lot of pots, which I really enjoy.

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