Natural Enhanced Vision
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work?
Natural Enhanced Vision teaches  activities that releases tight eye muscles and make them more relax and flexible.
You will learn activities that allow the eyes and brain to coordinate better.

How long will it take to improve my vision?
This depends on individual, the strength of the original glass prescription and on how much time is put into doing vision games.  Most people will be able to see improvement  with consistent vision activities. As this is an ongoing process, it will take time to make this permanent.  It will take a few months to a few years to be completely independent of your glasses.

How much time does it require to do vision games?
Maximum benefit can be derived from your program with consistent time put into it, just like any other health and fitness program.  The goal is to incoporate these activities into your daily lifestyle  and allow it to become good habits rather then vision activities that you need to set aside time for.

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