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Welcome to Nel's Place.

I hope you enjoy what you see here, as you read, and learn a little about my pleasures, my treasures, and me.

Well to begin with, I am a happily married woman, with two beautiful doggies, Elliot and Taylor. We, my hubby and I, consider them, "Our" babies. You will learn more about them, as you relax and visit this site.

Oh yes, before I forget, I would like to take this moment to say Thank You for visiting with me "us". Please view the links for some cute short stories, all true, of course.

I "we" have lived in North Carolina for one full year. We re-located here from Maine, after retirement. This is a gorgeous state, with so much to see and do.

I guess the most out-standing place near us, would be "Mayberry". Do you remember that name? Mayberry is the birthplace and the hometown of the legendary "Andy Taylor" actor "Andy Griffith", from The Andy Griffith show? I could not believe it is actually a real place. This is the town, which served as the model, for the television show.

When you go into town, you can see his home. It is a small structure with a white picket fence around it. For a fee, people can rent it out, as a vacation place. Mayberry is a small section of a town, called Mount Airy. Main Street in Mayberry is a nice old fashioned, down town area. It is very similar to the many small towns, where most of us grew up.

Some of the places to visit are "Floyd's City Barber Shop". It has been in operation since 1929. "Snappy's Lunch" is located right next door, where at lunchtime you can get a good old fashioned Pork Chop Sandwich. Andy spoke of these sandwiches often on his television show.

There is also an "Aunt Bea's Barbeque Restaurant", which is located in nearby Mt. Airy. Aunt Bea's also has other locations in North Carolina, and Virginia. I guess you may have figured out by the name, what the menu specialty is.

Every Saturday morning, bluegrass music, can be enjoyed at the "Old Time Cinema". This is a very popular spot, which is visited by many folk of all ages. This place is also called the "Merry Go Round", as the entertainment changes continuously. Bands from all across the state perform their very best, to all kinds of listening ears.

As you walk along Main Street, you can stop in at "Barney's Ice Cream Parlor". The decor is right out of the fifties. I do believe I have had the creamiest ice cream, I have ever eaten, while visiting there.

The memorabilia stores are plentiful, as are the gift shops, and antique stores. Probably one of my favorite places is called "The Emporium". There are 3 floors, divided into small areas, with assorted goods such as jellies, jams, toys, crafts, pottery, ceramics, numerous craft items, as you would find in an old-fashioned country store. An elevator is located in the rear, so getting from one floor to another is easily assessable. After browsing for hours, if you wish, a restaurant is located on the lower level. An ice cream and coffee shop is located on the main level. Soft music plays throughout the store, as well as music from the 50's and 60's. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane, as you stroll through. A replica of a small jail-house is available, for snap shots to be taken. Benches are located strategically throughout. The atmosphere is very relaxing.

"The Mayberry Jail" was constructed in the late 1890's and was the site of the police and fire departments for Mt. Airy, NC until 1979. Barney's squad car is a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500, and was, restored by its owner in 1993. For twenty dollars, you can get a ride all around the town, to see the interesting sites.

The "Andy Griffith Playhouse" with a bronze statue of him and "Opie" outside, host numerous activities. Remember Opie? I may be wrong, but I think Opie is holding a fishing pole. Every year there is an event called "Mayberry Days". Many of the actors from the TV show are often in attendance. This attracts tourists from all across the country.

A small granite church is on Main Street. It is absolutely, beautiful. Many of the buildings in Mayberry are made from granite. Mayberry is home to "The World's Largest Granite Quarry". With approximately 110 square acres, this is a sight for the eyes to view. This granite, quarry features state of the art equipment and has been operating since 1889. If you go to the following link, you will find some very interesting reading. I found the article about the ownership of the land to be most interesting.

North Carolina Granite Quarry

We attended the "Christmas Parade", which lasted 3 1/2 hours. It was unbelievable. The weather was fantastic, and a good time was had, by all in attendance. People came from all around as well as every antique car, you could imagine. The "Shriner's" were there also, complete with clown costumes and miniature cars. Laughter could be heard for quite some distance, as well as the fire trucks and marching bands. All played magnificently. My heart was certainly singing.

You may ask, what does nelehttocs enjoy. Well, How about knitting, and crocheting? I have learned quite a bit, and I enjoy it very much. Have you ever started out with a fixed amount of stitches, and ended up with triple, or one third less than what you needed? Well I can do that. I have made six afghans, and almost have completed my seventh. I may also add that I was self-taught. It took lots of patience, but I did it. I am so proud of my work, just do not ask me how I did it, I will have to hand you the book, and say go for it, just as I did. LOL

When I was employed, I was a toll collector. I did that for ten years and had some of the most enjoyable and funniest moments you could ever, imagine. The memories will long be remembered!

I moved on from that job, to a medical billing position for the following 15 (approximately) years. I learned so much, I amazed myself at how intelligent I actually was. One dream I had, was to work for Medicare. I finally got my foot in the door, but had to leave after only 2 weeks, as family resposibilites were calling me. That was the end of my working career. I got older, and tired, and my hubby decided to stop punching a time clock him-self. I would have to say, life has been pretty good to me, and I have now had all of my dreams fullfilled. Now it is time for fun and relaxation. Retirement is wonderful.

I "we" each have a small family. I have one brother Poor Vinny and one sister (a twin) named Joyce. If you go to NelJoy you will see us.

I hope you have some laughter while visiting here, and will come back again.

Take Care and God Bless each of you.


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