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February 23, 2000 - Hola, mateys!  Seems it's been a whole month since I last updated.  Wow, how time flies when you're having fun...oh well.  I guess it's no secret that work on President Evil 2 has dwindled;  hell, work on this website has dwindled to tell the truth!  This place still isn't finished, and it's been up for nearly a year now!  That's pathethic!  But until I release a game for the public, this website isn't necessary.  Therefore, work on the site needn't be my primary focus.  So there!  >:P
   Well then, I guess ya wanna know where I've been for the last month...I've discovered the "Fighter Maker" that I've been looking for so religiously, and I got it working.  I also managed to create a game with the engine.  Didn't create any original characters though, but lessay that the final product will NOT dissapoint hard-core fighting fans.  It's the first game that will be released by Wild Ali Productions this year, and it's called
The King of Fighters 2K: The Ultimate Battle.  Expect a release date of March 31st of this year, if all things go as planned.
   And yeah,
President Evil 2 is still in the works.  ARIGATO!!                  - Wild Ali

January 17, 2000 -  Hella hella everybody, and welcome to Wild Ali's Insano Factory once again! :)  Seriously, I'm really into President Evil 2 development again, and things are looking good.  Just implemented a "virtual arcade game" into PE2, in case you didn't know (and you didn't...hehe).  The game's PAC-MAN, and currently it's pretty damn accurate to the original.
   Also up for discussion is the preview of
President Evil 2, which should be appearing shortly on Kameleon's website, RPG Warehouse.  You'll get to see the first screenshots and major features in the game there!  And as always friend, you can check back here at our Website for the lastest updates and news on President Evil 2.        - Wild Ali

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