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cadet action training pic
This was our last year in PCHS (year 1978). In this photo was another day of Military Drilling under the hot sun of Manila.

BACK from L to R:
Beth, Joyce, Mayet, Sarah, Jackie, Allah, Linda.

FRONT from L to R:
Dona, Ernie, Nel, Daniel, Chris, William, Jose & Rey.

In the picture above, we didn't train to prepare us for a "coup d'etat" or to initiate a small guerilla warfare on Marcos regime. Most of us were just sweet 16 at that time in Secondary School.
Part of the requirements to graduate from High School was to complete a year of drills in C.A.T.. The trip to LaMesa Dam for 3 days bivouac was great and memorable.
w/ Lito
with my friend Lito


Crisis in the classroom was left unchecked after 4 groups of friends (boys and girls) had a screaming and crying altercation. The girls formed a solidarity that prompted the boys to do the same. Teachers and school supervisor failed in their effort to mediate and settle the disputes of 45 students at war. Girl's intramural volleyball came and our girl's team were left without cheerleaders. The boys offered support on the first game, and that concluded the "battle of the sexes".

Our first reunion was held in Cavite on the 2nd week of December 1981, (3 years after our highschool graduation). The picnic and swimming at the beach were very relaxing. We chatted and caught up with the our respective lives and chosen careers in college. One thing didn't change was some of us were still cranked brain after 3 years of higher learning. It was Daniel pointing at this sexy lady in bathing suit near the shore line. We motivated him to have a closer look. He came back shaking his head. The shapely lady turned out to be Marites (the girl in our class he bullied for more than 2 years).

cavite pic
BACK: Romel, Nelson
FRONT: Daniel, Ernie

Margaret's photo
Margaret "Agie" was my intimate friend and my shrink. She interpreted most of my dreams. She was "mahinhin" a typical "Maria Clara".

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