clickable ursula island "PALAWAN, the perfect hideaway."
If you are looking for romance or just to escape few days from your daily existence, PALAWAN is a place for you. Surely you can find at least one hundred and one places to go on the island where most beaches are long stretch of white sands. If you have a sense for adventure, go "island cruising". You really don't need a degree in oceanography nor have Jacques Costeau's experience to enjoy and marvel the graceful dances of the marine life and the stillness of reef corals in their natural habitat. You can empower yourself contracting a local fisherman with an outrigger boat as your guide to cruise around the island and to understand what makes Palawan as one of the best place in the world to visit.

view pic Club Noah Isabelle Philippines - time passes quickly when you are perched on the terrace of Caba´┐Ża Hut with a panoramic sight of white sand and blue waters.

view pic Kayaking after snorkeling - spending a lazy afternoon with gentle paddling in the water so clear and unpolluted that varies in color from very light green to torquoise deep blue.

view pic Underground River, Palawan Is. Philippines - once inside the cave, glimpes of underground life will slowly manifest to your eyes that can be considered a real awesome experience.

view pic House of Mitra - it is almost like a treetop view when you are at former Philippine House Speaker Ramon Mitra's residence. The ranch and island clusters are superb cascading panoramic view.

view pic Relaxing Afternoon at the Beach - longing for your lazy desire, the beach can be a seductive place to collect your thoughts while viewing the hypnotic seaside water kissing the sand and seashells.

view pic Birds Paradise, Palawan, Philippines - in the late afternoon before the sun play its reflections on the sea, convoys of birds returning on this island is an awesome experience for a real nature seeker like myself.

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