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 Howdy all, Nekura_Hoka's my alias and here's the website home for my part of the Metal Gear Remix project. This site also features script dumps and media related to the Metal Gear series. The game patch is now available. Click Download to navigate to the right place for it. You must agree to the Disclaimer before downloading the patch, so be sure and read it.



--Uploaded Scripts for the Subsistence versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The text dumps are rather unpolished since this is a quickie deal. I was looking into them for potential re-translation purposes and went ahead and put them out for public use. Incidentally, these come directly from the PS2's memory rather than the data on the disc which is apparently compressed. So, I let the PS2 do the dirty work and I snatched it.


--I'm Back amongst the living for a moment. Here's an update to my website that's been waiting since August of last year. I haven't had my own internet access for that period (and still don't), so this is an update from a coffee shop. Anyway I did a lowercase update to MG Remix and went text dump crazy for a few days, so there's a lot of stuff in my documents section now. I still haven't done a complete dump of MG Ghost Babel and that's explained below.

--Metal Gear Remix Version 1.9 release.

-Faithful fan translation of all 155
 messages from the original Japanese
 version of the game. The original United
 Kingdom release of the game did not
 include all the original messages.

 New! -New font with lowercase lettering.
 This is not a feature available in any
 other version of the game.

-Full compliance with the few details
 about the game from the Previous
 Operations section of Metal Gear

 Read the readme included with the download for more details on the new (and probably last) version of the retranslation. Just click download and agree to my half-assed legalese disclaimer to get the patch.

 This translation (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) isn't really necessary anymore since MGS3 Subsistence is out with ports of the original two MG games. Personally, I think they read very translated, but they are far wordier than the MSX versions allow. So, take thjis for whatever it's worth.

--Documents area major updates! Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake script is now posted. There's one thing left for me to figure out as far as the script system goes, but the dump is legible and complete. It includes a dump of the Item descriptions in the game. A dump of the Japanese script for this game is forthcoming.

 Dumped the Japanese script of Metal Gear and redumped the UK script for the same game. This time I used an automatic dumping program rather than the manual (and unpolished) process I originally used for the UK script.

 Posted the new version of the Metal Gear Remix script.

 Added 'Developer Documentation' archives for various games which include some of the more useful details I've documented about the script systems of the various Metal Gear games dealt with here. Most of them simply include tile information (and 'Thingy' tables), but theres also some other tidbits that might be useful to other translation projects.

 I've done a dump of miscellaneous text from Metal Gear Solid. This dump includes Previous Operations, biographies from the Briefing section and the Mission Logs. A dump of all the game's subtitles is forthcoming.

 My chronology text also has been updated by a great degree. It includes much more data from MGS' briefing section, MG2, MGS2, and MGS3.

--I've basically figured out the nefarious pointers in the Ghost Babel script system using some test instructions. Basically they're used to jump to a different part of the script and read x number of characters into the spot Konami placed the pointer. So, in order to dump the script I'd have to write an interpreter program to read the script, do all the pointer operations and spit out a legible product. I don't have time or interest in it at this moment (mostly becuase this game doesn't have a real place in the main series), so I'm just gonna post the information I've documented about the system as well as a raw unfinished dump using simple tile replacement. If someone else has the skills, time, and desire to write the program, then by all means go for it. I'll be placing it on indefinite hold.

--I've dumped MGS3's subtitles and will start on MGS2's later. MGS3's codec.dat definitely appears to have compressed script areas. The pointers and some of the test data in the .dat are uncompressed and I haven't gotten into checking what method was used on the script itself.

--Uploaded some fonts and made them available on the media page. These fonts are Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed, Swiss 911 Extra Compressed and OCR-A. Swiss 911 UC has been used for Metal Gear title logos for production materials (wallpapers, manuals, boxes, etc.) since MG2. I believe Swiss 911 XC is used for the "Tactical Espionage Action" portion of MGS production material logos, though I have no confirmation. OCR-A is hosted here becuase it's used for Metal Gear Remix's lowercase letters. I had considered using it to completely replace the old stencil font (capital characters). While the font did look great in the translation (militaristic, legible and appropriate to the game's 1995 setting), it just didn't seem right to stray that far from the original.

Old News:


September ~ October

November '04 ~ July '05

About the Project:

 This is an attempt to insert a fully restored english script into the original Metal Gear for the MSX2. For those that know there was an english version released in the UK, you may be wondering why this is being attempted. The reason for this is that the UK translation is missing many (42% of them to be exact) of the messages that were in the Japanese original. These messages include item pickup notifications, Big Boss telling Snake what the items do, several comedic messages, and more.

 The translation work was done by Takamichi Suzukawa and proofread by his friend Jon Taylor. This was back in 2003 as I understand it. The project didn't see completion then for whatever reason.

 So anyway, I was poking around in my copy of MG earlier in 2004 (probably bored at the time) and discovered some readable text. From this I worked out how the script was stored and the formatting of the messages etc. I produced a complete script dump of the UK version (I was certainly not the first to do so btw) and wrote up an introduction and posted it on GameFAQs.com. Being aware of the crippled and sometimes really poor script in the UK version vs. the Japanese one, I started to think that perhaps I could insert a translated script to restore the messages. I didn't do anything about it for a while (probably a couple months) and then on a whim decided to ask for help getting a translated script on msx.org's forums. Now, here we are.

 It's been almost a year and having a refreshed interest in what I could do for an update to the patch led me to see if I really could find a way to make room to do a uppercase-lowercase mixed script. Given the compression system used by the script it wasn't possible with the original version without cutting the script. However, I had the idea that using a few multi-character font tiles could free up some script space and a few word variables in the MTE (Multiple Tile Encoding) system. Turns out it was a bit more than enough for the lowercase stuff and allowed a few additions (like credits for the translation project). I hope you enjoy it.

Project Roster:

Takamichi Suzukawa - Translator

Jon Taylor - Proof-reading, etc

Nekura_Hoka - Coder, script insertion and font changes

Special Mention:

Ola Andersson - Greased the project wheels and asks excellent questions.

Alfonso D.C. (aka Dioniso) - Scanned the Japanese Metal Gear manual and sent it over. Really helpful guy, thanks go out to him!



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