Welcome to the first stop on the road to all the delicious images Twilight Twinz has to offer! Before you go, let's get some things settled...
Firstly: NO DIRECT LINKING! If you direct link ANY of our images, you will be found and poked in the eyes with many sharp objects!
Secondly: Just about all of the screencaps featured here were taken by the two of us using our own DVDs. We have aimed to provide you with the highest quality screencaps we can, but it took a lot of time and energy. That said, if you want to use these images for other websites, forums or any such thing, please give Twilight Twinz some credit. If you intend to use these for your personal enjoyment (i.e. saving them to your computer so you can look at them from time to time), feel free to save away.
Thirdly: Our goal is to transfer all of our images to this place because it's FREE. That said, please put up with the ads - for our sake! *begs* I'm sorry that we had to resort to ad-filled sites, but we had no choice! Thanks for still coming!
Fourthly: I need you all to know that this is our first time playing around with html and NOT using a program to build a website. Therefore, please be nice! If you find any quirks or things that just aren't right, please let us know! I'm practicing, and I'm definately not a pro at this... Sorry for the blank white backgrounds... ^^;

And that's all I have to say for now! Thanks for reading the whole thing! ^__^ Now, if you want to go on to the images (all we have for you right now is FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST images), just follow the link!

Just a teaser image for your enjoyment...
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