Welcome to the section dedicated to the staff and authors/artists! This section will enclude Bios on ALL our wonderfull staff (maybe i should get me some of those?) Bios on aur artests (yeah i need them too) and as soon as im done an anime style pic of all of them(they get to choose if they want do draw it themselves of if they want me to do it.)

~*Attention*~ Looking for something to spend your time on well then help me with this site! I am looking for more artists/authors.
Chibi Dragon: Owner/Founder/artist (what you think that i wouldnt put myself first...keep dreamn')
Age: *slap* how rude to ask somebody her age...er wait nevermind...its 14
Name: Amanda ???(hah like i would tell you the rest)
Looks: long Blond hair, brown eyes, about 5'4
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing, Manga, *drools* Computer, Anime
Fav Colour: BluePink (I bet that you had trouble guessing pink!)
Fav Manga: Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei, and Kajika by Akira Toriyama
Fav Anime: DRAGON BALL Z FOREVER...YugiOh isnt bad either...
Fav Saying: He who laughs last thinks slowest
Bio: Hiya Im Chibi Im 14, and have long blond hair that reaches just past my shoulders and brown eyes. I just moved from the states but am Canadian all theway. My best friend is Phire Phoenix and we go to school together. According to Phire I have a sence of humour, but i find that hard to show off in writing. I love romance books/fics/manga. My fav books are Harry Potter...the mangas that i am currently reading are Shaman King, DragonballZ, Naruto, One Piece, Slayers,Yugioh, YuYu Hakusho, and SandLand. Im almost always happy! When I have some free time I read online manga on the computer, am on Fanifction.net or talk to my penpals.

Phire Phoenix:
Artist/ CoHostest at times
Name: Phire (Im not sure if she will let me put her name)
Looks: Black hair, Black Eyes, about 5'1
Hobbies:Reading. Writing, Fanfiction, Drawing
Fav Colour:Blue
Fav Manga: Yugioh/Slayers
Fav Anime:YugiOh
Fav Saying:Truth is Stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sence.
Bio: *Ill get her to write one later* Phire is my best friend, she just moved from germany and befor that china. She goes to school with me, and enjoys writing fanfiction, just plain writing, caligraphy, correcting my spelling, Reading, torturing me, and Drawing. Her Favourite books are Song in the Silence, harry potter, and Artamis Foul...maybe i shouldnt even attemtp to spell it. When she has some free time she bugs me online so that i will read her newest chapter in her fanfiction.
Haya Im looking for some more staff and artists to help me with this site...dont expect anymoney if you read my bio you would notice that i am thirteen...that mean my only way to get my hands on some cash is to one beg my parents, or babysit.
Artists:It dosnt matter to me how the image is done, or on whatever program...all i have it the paint program that came with may computer. Just make sure that you spent a little time on it and it wasnt something that you did in 5 Mins. Otekaki work is acceptable. It can be in black and white or full colour.
Manga:Same rules apply as of the other artists.
Im looking for somebody who can help me with layout...and a graphic designer...oh somebody who can help me proof my site, and the fanfictions would be nice too!
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