Hello and welcome to the manga section...this section will be up soon as soon as i get these scaned edited, coloured...and drawn! I HAVE THE SCRIPT OK THEY ARE PARTLY DONE!
Comming Soon: Shonen no Yurei, by Chibi Dragon, may also be called Mai Shugotenshi Yuhuen, well its about a girl, Suzumi whos life is saved by this boy, Yuhuen but the boy is a ghost and she dosnt know that. She falls inlove with him, but cant find him. When her life is put indanger again Yuhuen saves her, just to dissapear again, but this time she forgot to say thank you. (Romance: Long series) *Do you beleive in love at first sight or do you need to walk past me again* That quote just worked for this manga.

Being a Chibi Sucks, by Chibi Dragon
, follow the chomical adventures of Bob, Remy, and ??? as they try to get back at me...the authress for turning them into Chibis. (Humour/Fluff: Written in short comic strips)

Meralia res Othoia, by Phire Phoenix, When average half-elf Zandro wakes up from a dream delivered to him by the goddess of the forest he decides to take her advice. On the way to becoming a hero he meats up with a lot of friends, and a heck of a lot of fun! (Adventure/Humour, Long series.) Charaters, plot, artwork, and summary all belong to Phire Phoenix.
Available Manga: Nothing yet but check out the coming soon stuff!
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