Awww your leaving so soon! Well make sure to come back and visite us. Please check out these great sites while your gone! And if you would like to advertise your site on here just send me the link, and ill put it up, you dont need a button or anything, but it would be helpfull. But if you dont want to e-mail me just use the "free for all links" It really dosnt matter to me either way. Pleate tell me if there is a broken link!

This section encludes: Link to me, a free e-mail me button that I made, Sites that I like, a free for all link page, where you can put up your own links no questions asked. Also may make a webring later...
Do you like my site enough to link to me, well here is your very own button! And if you do put it on your site, I'll of course put your site up here if it isn't already lol!
Just a free e-mail button that i made for you but it on your site so your gusts can get a hold of you! Yah, I know that i shouldn't restate the obvious....
Here be Dragons- A cute little online comic, the same one that got me to make this site in the first place!
Phantasy Phoenix- A site done by our very own Phire Phoenix. Go here to see some of her other work! *not up yet check back later* A great site where you can host your fanfiction! Im known as Chibi Dragon there aswell hint hint! Another site the same as, but this one is used for origional finction....Im still Chibi Dragon there too Lol i guess that i should do a link to them too...considering I that wouldnt have the free for all links, or the chat without them. its a great site if you want extras for your site...and best of all its FREE!
Ghost Hunters- A very, good online manga...and i mean very good! This is a must see site, and a must read manga! The art work/plot is truly amazing!

Mega Tokyo- Another must read manga. It is very very funny and great if you want a good laugh! basicly two gamers go to japan, and run out of money so they cant get back home, ITS REALY GOOD!

Tales Untold- An online manga with some good ol fashoned vampire slaying action!
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