Wow the first running section of my site! Anyways if you got some great stories, please send them in to me i'll put them up here. I would prefer origionals, but hay I like fanfiction way more so it dosnt really make a difference to me! More will be up as soon as I get my friends premission to put them up here. Oh and a reminder, the name of the story, is a link and the authors name is their e-mail...just so you know! on a quicker note, on I am known as Chibi Dragon...
Available Fiction:
Power of One, Chibi Dragon?: Its a fic about two alien girls, with a cat ears and tail, who flee to earth during a war/invasion. On earth they meet new friends, and new adventures, but start to feel guilty about leaving in the first place. And endup with the dissision to stay or go an fight! *To be continued* (Action/Adventure/Romance, Set in Chapters, long, PG)
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Crystalized, By Phire Phoenix, A girl trying to unlock the mystery of the souveneir shop's life like statuets finds out a little too much. (Mystery/ Suspence, one shot, PG)

Just a Little Bit of Forever, By Phire Phoenix, When Lorena breaks up with her boyfriend whom she had been going steady for 9 months, she relizes something very important. (Romance/Drama, one shot, G)
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