Circles out of Squares
(not a good method)

My first thought was that I needed something to hold the flat square piece of brass in the rotating lathe. Thinking along the same lines as the screw I used in the Dremel drill press, I made up a holding arbor from a blank Taig collet with a 1/8" solid brass rod pressed into its center. I drilled and tapped the 1/8" rod to accept a 2-56 screw and used this to hold the brass piece. After practice (on several drivers) I could now turn a center in less than a half-hour. What really amazed me was the Taig's ability to actually drill a hole perfectly centered in a 1/8" rod - Gosh I love using this thing!

Blank collet drilled out to accept 1/8" brass rod. Brass rod drilled & tapped to accept 2-56 screw

Collet mounted in Taig collet holder

Driver blank drilled with 1/8" hole to fit collet shaft

Driver turned to proper diameter

Drivers on top row were turned on the Dremel Mill/Drill
Drivers on bottom row were turned on the Taig lathe & Mill
Spoke openings have not been finished on the bottom row


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