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I have bought two items for my locomotive so far - a set of driver rims and a gearbox. At a minimum I will purchase a motor, and probably a lot of detail castings. I have found articles on winding a motor and cutting gears, but I am not quite that fanatic abut scratchbuilding everything myself.

Grandt Line has a supply of the tire rims (stock #7049) originally produced for the old Spartan Series locomotives. The K-27 has 40-inch drivers and the Grandt Line tires are 40.5 inches. Without measuring them with a caliper I certainly can't tell there is a half-inch difference!

Grandt Line #7049

The driver rim on the left has the inner lip bored out to clear the insulating material. Rim on the right is stock. I ended up boring out both the insulated and non-insulated driver rims as my driver centers evolved.



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