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Eight round brass bearings on a 4MM axle shaft. 

I first turned round bearings from 1/4" brass round bar stock.  The bearings measure .150" wide overall, with two .030" flanges and .090" across the center section.  The flanges have a diameter of .250" and the center section is .1875".  The inside diameter is .1575".  The bearing dimensions were determined by the K-27 frame width (.090" wide), the 4MM axle shaft diameter of .1575", and the axle slot width of .1875".

The Model Railroader article I am using as a guide shows how to make sliding bearings out of flat brass sheet metal wrapped around the axle. I thought this type of bearing could be improved, so I turned the entire bearing out of one piece of bar. These bearings would have worked fine, but I did not really like the "look" of them because the K-27 has an outside frame and the bearings are visible.

I decided to make my bearings look like the square bearing blocks used on the real locomotive.

First I cut off small squares of brass bar stock and drilled and bored them for the 4MM axles. Then I made a small jig to hold the bearing so I could mill the lips.

4MM axle pressed into jig center
Clamping holes tapped for 2-56 screws

Bearing clamped in place ready for milling

The square bearings look much better and seem to work smoothly in the main frame


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