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Welcome to Neko-chan’s Place of Otakuness! I am Neko-chan, the webmistress.  This site is dedicated to ALL anime series……no matter what! Here, you’ll find fan art, fan fictions, image galleries, and more! Oh……and before I forget, I’d like to introduce to you my site’s mascot, Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. ::grins:: Sano-chan…..come out here and say hi to the nice people!!

Sano:  ::glares at Neko-chan and mumbles something::

Sano-chan…….I said to say hi.

Sano: ::mumbles some more stuff::

Sano………….I SAID TO SAY HI!!!

Sano: ::glares::

::bonks him on the head with the Frying Pan of Doom::

Sano: ::raises eyebrow:: Do you really think that that hurt?

::glares::……….No……..but I can always use this! ::pulls out a skimpy lil’ cheerleader’s outfit:: You are my mascot, after all.  And all mascots need a uniform!  This just happens to be yours……

Sano: ::faints::

::pokes:: ::shrugs:: Oh, well. Anyways…..enjoy your romp through the wide world of Bishonen!  Wait…..anime!! I meant ANIME!!! ::laughs nervously::

Oh……..before I forget…..I don’t own the Frying Pan of Doom…….I just use it to bonk people on the head. (You’ll see that happening a lot….. ::sweatdrops::) Ja!




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Muse *><* Yuugioh


Sano: Yay! Neko-chan finally chose me for SOMETHING!!

My Plushie Collection*~~* Sanosuke, Kojimato, Gentatsu, Heero, Akio, Tasuki, Hiko, Yuugioh, Sephiroth, Aburatsubo, Mirai Trunks, Bardock, Trowa, Miki, Wu-chan, Hotohori, Chichiri, Goku, Turles, Yamato, Taichi, Ken (Digimon),Kojiro, Satoshi, Gary, Aya, Ken (WK), Natsuki, Kikunosuke, Subaru, Ryo, Sage, Tadanof, Ryota, and Rowen. ::phew:: I think that that's it!

Keepers~**~Neko-chan is the Keeper of: Sano-chan's Pink Boxers with Little Zanbatous Printed All Over Them, Tasuki's Fanged Teeth, Gentatsu's Hair (it's the Pineapple Hair! >^.^<), Yuugioh's Many-Buckled Shirt, and Heero's Heero-Yuy-Glare-Of-Death.

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