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What is a catgirl/catboy?

Pretty dumb question but still deserves an answer.  Catgirls and catboys are people *or sometimes complete furries* with catlike characteristics ie. cat ears, cat tails, paws, etc.

There are three kinds of catgirls/catboys.  One type are humans with cat accsecories such as ears, a tail, or gloves with paws that they can put on and, therefore, are not their own by natural means.  The second type are humans with their own ears, tail, and maybe paws that they are naturally equipped with.  The third type are furries.  That is, they are not human but animals with some human characteristics.  They can stand like a human, paws are sometimes made to look like human hands, and can talk.  Take, for instance, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Why are catgirls/catboys so popular?

Why wouldn't they be popular!  They're so cute with those lil ears n tails n various catlike gestures n sounds!  I know i'd like to have some cat ears of my own growin' outta my head!

Is it wrong to like catgirls/catboys so much?

Not at all!  Everyone has their own fandom whether it be general anime, hentai, yaoi, or yuri.  Love who you wanna love and like what you wanna like.

Why aren't there many catboys?

Sadly...catboys are rarely created.  When you think "cat" you think of something feminine so more catgirls are produced *not that that's a bad thing* than catboys.  Instead, we see the boys portrayed as dogs or wolves for a more masculine feel.  Maybe if we get the word out we can get more catboys, ne?
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