This section of my site is for recommending great manga! I mean really, really good. Seriously. I could read them all day long... or at  least look at the pics...
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket, or as the fans call it, Furuba, is one of the best manga/anime's ever! It makes you feel for the characters as if you were really there with them. This will make you smile like a madman, laugh like a lunatic, and cry like your at a funeral. It's just so perfect... ^^
Gravitation is another one of those great mangas that it takes you forever to get and once you do, you fall in love. The characters are absolutely devine and it's just adorable how they have sweet spots for a speacial somone... ^^ (Shonen-ai)
Hana Kimi
This is so cute! And there are crossdressers! ^^ The main girl is so kawaii (though everyone thinks she's a boy) and I just love this manga to pieces. It's what you wanna' read while cooped up in a house filled with annoying little children who visit from a few states away every year! I did!
Hikaru no Go
Yes! The great anime is paper form! I though I would die and go to heaven! This is so awesome! The greatest! The coolest! The... one of the best ever! ^^ I could not put this one back down once I'd picked it up! It was like, "Wow! This is such a good book!" It's almost as good as the anime!
Initial D
Okay, okay... The people look horrible but the cars are awesome. And in this anime nobody cares if their cute or not! The story line pulls you in and won't let you out until the very last second of the very last episode of the very last season finishes! (And thank the gods that hasn't happened yet!)
Kare Kano
Kare Kano is so cute! She hates him, loves him, adores him, misses him and then she loves him again when he slams her against a wall. I think this is the greatest "fun" manga around. It makes me alaugh every time! EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN TIME! I got in trouble at school for laughing so much.. T_T
Prince of Tennis
Okie Dokie! This would be TeniPuri! The greatest thing on earth! It's got drama, it's got pain, it's got humor, it's got the juice... but most of all it's got the Bishies! Seriously... 8 bishounens per team x like 50 teams? It's a fangirls heaven. And the fact that there are only, *counts*, 5 girls in the whole series it just invites you to slash them! ^^ Oh but... The drawings are better in the anime.
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