This section of my site is for recommending great anime! I mean really, really good. Seriously. I could watch them all day long... Yumm.
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket, or as the fans call it, Furuba, is one of the best anime's ever! It makes you feel for the characters as if you were really there with them. This anime will make you smile like a madman, laugh like a lunatic and cry like your at a funeral. It's just so perfect... ^^
Full Moon Wo Sagashite
Full Moon pulls you in the moment you start watching it. The sweet little girl who wants to sing and the cute little love triangles are just wonderful! I loved this show and couldn't stop watching it 'till it was finished! (Which resulted in not sleeping for 36 hours and watching comp. t.v instead)
Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi has to be the only anime out there where the couple actually gets together within the first half of the series. The only problem is that they keep tearing them apart and such a great, humorous show can suddenly turn sad within two seconds. I cried while watching this more than a few times.
Gravitation is another one of those great animes that it atkes you forever to see and once you do, you fall in love. The characters are absolutely devine and it's just adorable how they have sweet spots for a speacial somone... ^^ (Shonen-ai)
Hikaru no Go
Okay, okay... When I first saw this and read a summery it was like "BORING!" but then I did watch the first episode and I was so happy that I did. This anime hooks right off the bat and keeps you intrigued the whole time. (Even though it's about a board game) It's one of the best shows I've ever seen!
Initial D
Okay, okay... The people look horrible but the cars are awesome. And in this anime nobody cares if their cute or not! The story line pulls you in and won't let you out until the very last second of the very last episode of the very last season finishes! (And thank the gods that hasn't happened yet!)
Prince of Tennis
Okie Dokie! This would be TeniPuri! The greatest show on earth! It's got drama, it's got pain, it's got humor, it's got the juice... but most of all it's got the Bishies! Seriously... 8 bishounens per team x like 50 teams? It's a fangirls heaven. And the fact that there are only, *counts*, 5 girls in the whole series it just invites you to slash them! ^^
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