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Here is my other DragonBall/Z/GT  artwork. Most of this was probably  done before the art in my Alpha section. Here, I wil place sub headings  of characters, along with  an "other " group which will contain characters I'm unlikely to draw again, and original characters that I dreamed  of one   night. n_n; links are below


Bejiita no Ouji - **WARNING!!!** Nude rear view, my first attempt

Vegeta attacking Somthing - Did this late at night, not very good

SSJ 4 Vegeta - Pretty proud of this one

Scowling Vegeta - Well it IS what he does ninety percent of the time

HELP!!!!!! - Umm...o_o Goku got a little too happy about the Ouji (*NEW*)


  Colour - My first attempt. Crude

I'm so messed up! - Messed up  Zarbon

Yamucha - First attempt at Yamucha.. ok i guess (*NEW*)

  Raige - Original character of a friend, okish 

Trunks - Just trunks minus the CC jacket

  Jeice - Crude. Just crude.

    Super 17   - Not too bad considering it was meant to be Zidane (FF9)

    Zichara - Original character based on Zarbon

    Friezette - Names self explanitory; female character based on Frieza

    Neko Goten - Da name says it all

    Neko- Shin - Kaioshin... nekofied 

Thats all the art I have here for now...  I'll try and get some of the others up too. Feel free to Email
me (neko_ness_101@yahoo.com ) or leave a comment in my guestbook ( on the main page). Submissions will also be considered so don't be shy.

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