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Neko music is a site dedicated to computer made music. Most of what will be availeble here will be work of mine, or information about things I have made. Im working with making this page look better, will be better soon.

Site updated 2003-11-17

I have a software synthesizer availeble for download. PURGE XT. (Links to the right)

Old version. 0.2 version

New 0.7 version 2003-11-04

Now also in red! 2003-11-06

I have now started my next project, NERVE its not available for download just yet, and I dont want to reveal to much about it until it is released. But, here is a screenshot of the synth.

PURGE XT News: 2003-11-03

* Massivly improved skin.

* Removed internal FX to improve CPU usage.

* Added 2 assignable LFO:s

* Removed Ramp waveform and pink noise to save space on the GUI, and theese waveforms did not add much to the overall synth.

* Added buttons for switching of the multi osciallator capability.

PURGEXT News: 2003-10-21

* Added a simple Chorus effect to the synth.

* Working out new presets with new filter and chorus.

* Added Lowpass filter.

* GUI improved even more. With better text and kobs. (Screenshot availeble soon)

Dont really know how to solved synced delay yet. Will think about if it will be used or not. Manual slider now does sync instead of fixed values to 120 bpm.

News: 2003-10-21

PURGE XT is currently in a 0.2 version. I am working with 0.3. What will be included in the 0.3 then?

*Smaller GUI for better logic and space saver. ie knobs instead of sliders

*Lowered CPU load (perhaps not noticable)

*ADSR to the filters

*Manual delay setting.

Will also try to add a better synced delay, inserting a BPM slider. More to come on this.
Purge XT 0.7
Purge XT0.2
My Info:
Name: Neko
Email: [email protected]
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