Hello and welcome to my yaoi shrine!!  I am your hostess, Neko Maxwell.  Hope you like the site!!  ^_~  Here, we have Heero-Duo, Trowa/Quatre as well as some Yu Yu Hakusho yaoi with Kurama/Hiei!!!!  Feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments and feedback. 

IF you don't like yaoi or don't feel comfortable with malexmale relationships, then leave this site now.  Please don't flame me for having yaoi because you have been warned!!
If you're here for yaoi, enjoy the site!!  ^_~
January 22: Can it actually be an update?!?!  Well, it's been over a month!!  I'm really getting lazy!!  Lol!!  Now that exams are over, I'm off for about a week!!  YAY!!!!!  I've been making wallpapers for all three pairings, so I'll be getting them up soon!!  In the meantime, I have two poem I wrote (see, I did do something ^_^).  They're not anime or anything, but they can be, depending on how you look at them.  They're meant to be from anyone's POV, so knock yourselves out!! :)  I've also updated the "About Me" section (yes, more animes to my list ^_^)!!
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