Neko� no� Shiro
"I think I'm turning Japanesa..."
*pst pst* Hey YOU! up here! That's right. it's me- the Neko...the cute one. No,no, not that cute one! the other cute one! the one with the little fuzzy ultra-adorable face! (and if you can't tell which one has a fuzzy face..maybe you need glasses)
YUP! that be me.
(yeah- she wishes she was that cute) The owner & operator of this here crappy Castle..hey what do u expect for Dark Ages technology? *kicks computer*
I's terrible. ugly. but hey! my links work! at least they should...*looks worriedly at the computer* maybe I shouldn't have kick it. oh well...*shrugs*�

btw- the other cute one is Chiriko from FY copyrighted to his talented and beauutiful creator Watase Yuu.�
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Kingdom Of Narnia
Not up yet. gomen. Sister Site containing links to Fantasy n' Anime art pages...
come on really...which one of us is cuter?
Whose behind that furry face?
why? oh god WHY!!!!??? ( you might be asking yourself this right now!)
who me?
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