!~>mItSuMi'S fAn SiTe<~!

ProFiLe My CoSpLaYS My PiX thAnKS tO: My FriEnds

My ProFiLe

NeYm: RaIsHa EwInAh A. BaUtIshTa

NiCk NeYm: MiTsuMi

eIJ: 14

aDdReSs: Q.C.

CeL No:09275161642/09282693321

Ym: coolets_rai

e-aDd: [email protected]

LiKeS: AnIme, MUsIc, ChaTtInG, Pc GaMEs, DrAwInG,aNd ScIenCe?!

DiSlIkEs: pLaStIcs, WaNNa Be's, FeELiNG!, PoSerS, aNd SpeAkINg In TaGALOg!

BaCk To ToP!


MY FirSt CoSpLaY- KaNu UtUyOu Of IkKiToUsEn

BaCk To ToP!

My PiX

BaCk To ToP!


ML'S taIlOriNg SerViCe: ThE GreAt PeOPlE Who maDe MY CosTuMe!

ItaChi-SenSei: foR MY HaIR!

FaBriC WaRehOuSe: whErE I GoT The FaBriC For My CosTuMe!

HeRo Tv: DaHiL Sa HeRo Tv KaYO AnG BiDa!

MY FrIenDs: ItaChi_senSeI, FraNCes!, MaRtiN!, AnDrEi!-tabs!, AtE MaRiaN!, AtE aYhaNn, AnD To EvEry One In St. CaTheriNE!

My FaMILY: KuA JC!-TnX Sa PAGSaMa SkN!, AtE ETHeL- La LnGs MaMI q ToH!, AtE KoBe- TnX Sa SuPpoRt!

BaCk To ToP!


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