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Before you go in, please read this...
If you want to contact the creators of the fanworks inside, mail them. Their addies are inside. Do it nicley, please. But, if your attention is to flame them, or to critize in bad manners and negative ways, mail it to
me. I am the person who responsible in publishing their works here. I don't want them to pull out my rights to archive their works here because of some irresponsible comments.
Please remember, these creators are so kind to share their works with the others. If you find their creations are sucks, don't read or look at it. Don't you dare telling them what they are supposed to do. If you need to save the world, go create your own work then.
Sorry, but I am sick with people who think that they are better but do nothing then nagging. To you nice people, I welcome you warmly. Here you be...

Baby-C's Special Page ~Cienne Zoeldyck's fics!!!

Lovey-Doveys Fanfiction Challenge Page
Breaking News ~ April 30, 2004

Not Only Lies' Page ~SxS fanarts *_*

Saitou Hajime, Sagara Sanosuke and other characters from Rurouni Kenshin's manga and anime belong to Nobuhiro Watsuki, Shuiesa/Jump Comics and Fuji TV.
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